Two projects

Princess is still suffering from her hip.

Obviously this means no impact play and there are moments where walking or standing still is an ordeal for Princess.

It isn’t the best mindset for intense BDSM-play either.
Yes, we do miss playing very much.

One of Princesses’ wishes is to be photographed. When we play I am so focused on what is going on that I forget or don’t feel like grabbing my camera.

On the other hand one of my resolutions is to create more own imagery for our blog. After all I am a photographer and I have enough studio equipment and toys and tools to create interesting images.

Yesterday, Saturday, January 7, I dedicated some time and set up a small studio in our living room. I expected Princess to arrive somewhere between 19:30 and 20:00 or maybe even a little later.
We would do some rope bondage and I would make photographs.

Princess texted me at 17:20 telling me she would be at my place at 6 because she had to drop her youngest daughter at the nearby train station.

‘Have you eaten already?’ I texted back.
‘Not really. I’m just grabbing something to bite.’
‘Don’t,’ I replied.
‘Ohhh …’

Seconds later I made a reservation for 2.

Princess arrived at little past 6, we kissed, I gave her two presents. A stretchy face mask with open eyes and mouth and blind fold made of split leather with detachable blinkers and metal buckle on the back side.
They will look great for the bondage photographs I had in mind.

Just before we left I showed her something else I was working on and that Princess liked very much.

Then we went out for dinner. Princess was so happy and excited when it dawned on her we would dine in our favorite Sushi restaurant.

We enjoyed a Sushi Boat, talked about sex, BDSM and the two projects I was working on. I told her back home I would show her our online BDSM photo gallery. I will publicize the link one of these days.

Princess was even more interested in the second project. Everything that is electronic or digital is bound to die. One day you precious CDs or DVDs with family photos won’t be readable anymore. Your external hard disk will fail eventually. Trust me, it happened to me already. Every two years I buy a new external disk in order to backup my photography and to make sure I still got everything. Yet I know I will lose this battle.

Is my data safe at this web-hosting company my blog is running on? My blog will never win a Pulitzer or a Nobel Price but it is our very personal diary. For us, Princess and I, the blog is one of our most important possessions.

Yes, I do make a backup of my blog regularly. But if a major electromagnetic wave hits us everything is lost. The Internet will be erased forever.

So I have been searching the Internet for a software, a service that creates an editable document from a WordPress blog. I found Blogbooker and one can test it for free. It seems simple enough. All you need is a backup of your WordPress blog (they offer services for other blog-services too) and the url to you blog. It accepts a blog or, like mine, a self-hosted one.

You have a few options like adding comments and so on.

The service is free but is limited to a PDF document containing maximum 1 year of blogging or a DOC-format limited to 6 months continuous months of blogging. The file is mailed to you.

It worked fine and I am impressed.

Just before we left for the restaurant I gave Princess a 60 page printout of our blog containing about 3 months of writing.

I will probably download the whole blog and, using a service like Blurb, print it as a single and unique book.
While I am at it I just might turn it into a free and downloadable eBook and put it online.

The food was delicious, the environment cozy and we drank some wine.

When we came back home we felt lazy and a little tipsy so we did not make any photographs. We made love though and then I held Princess in my arms while we dozed of.

Helmut Newton, Self-Portrait with Wife and Models, Vogue Studio, Paris 1981 © Helmut Newton Estate