New Year’s Eve 2016 at PDN

Saturday, December 31 – 19:15

We arrive at PDN and enjoy a warm welcome by the owners and the kinksters already present. Drinks, any drinks, are free so I order two glasses of red wine. We are greeted by those we kind of know and get acquainted with people we often see playing but haven’t had a chance to say hi to.

We say hello to slave Serge and Jane. Serge and I mail via Fetlife almost every day. I like to think of him as a friend in the making.

Then we start talking with a couple we have seen playing multiple times. Just a superficial friendly chat but then we find out we are almost neighbors. That’s interesting.
They introduce themselves and then it is time to find a table. We share it with them and Frank and Nancy and us have quite some interesting conversations.

It truly is a wonderful evening. Another table is taken by 4 TV’s and they simply look gorgeous is their sexy outfit. I even fancy one of them I tell Princess and she smiles.

A couple, I find the man extremely good-looking and gorgeous and so does Princess, tribal tattoo’s all over his sculptured chest wearing high-heeled latex boots. William Lawson Scotch commercials spring at mind.

About 60 kinky people are gathered for this farewell to 2016.

The buffet is okay and then a baby girl reads a funny New Year’s Letter and then the owners of the club announce they have an exclusive gift for everybody present. It is a high quality king size fleece with the club’s name and the BDSM logo sewed on it.
Wow, I like that, great for aftercare. What a great present, a reminder of an awesome and intense evening.

After dinner Princess and I relax in the Dungeon accompanied by slave Serge and Jane. We watch how man, with a latex hood on, is tormented by his Domme. He is the gorgeous looking guy with all the tribal tattoo’s and by god he is well hung too.

Princess and I don’t play. The poor thing can hardly stand or walk, her hip still very painful.

There is some beautiful bondage and so much other stuff going on.

“Wow,” I say to Serge, “I am so happy now, hell, we live the dream, such intense stuff going on and we are part of it.”
He smiles and agrees.
I feel like I’m drowning in an ocean of love and friendship.

Soon it is midnight.
We drink champagne, kiss, laugh and wish well to our fellow kinksters and hail the new year.

Princess and I leave at 3 in the morning and at home we kiss. I lick the Love of my life to her first orgasm of the new year.
Then we fall asleep.
Yet I can feel Princess toss and turn, it is not easy for her to find a position that does not hurt.

January 1, 2017

It is ten in the morning. We make love, Princess and me. I can’t stop, and go on and on. Grab a rubber and reposition. Princess loves anal and soon she orgasms.
I get rid of the rubber and fuck her again, over and over.
Not being able to ejaculate is, most of the time, a huge advantage.

After the lovemaking and some more dozing we get up, take a shower.

Soon real life takes over when Stella starts texting. She does not feel well. Stella wants us to pick up Little Star, it is all a little too much for her and she does not feel okay enough to go with us to Princesses’ family.

So we pick up Little Star and drive to Princesses’ parents. Princess sends a text message to her kids telling them we are on our way so those whom want can leave at time.

Her sisters and brother are already there. Ar and Kay have not read Princesses’ text message and feel very uneasy when we enter. I go to another room so they can say goodbye and leave without being confronted with my presence.

The Boy welcomes me warmhearted and with a firm handshake he wishes me a swell 2017. His sister Bo hugs me, her boyfriend also grabs my hand and shakes it mumbling wishes.

We have a great afternoon with Princesses’ family. I feel at home because I like these generous and kind people. It is a world I don’t really know. I have no parents anymore and haven’t seen my sister for years.
My family, except for Princess, are only my two daughters.

We are the last ones to leave. Princess and I help doing the dishes.
Then we say goodbye.
We leave, Princess, Little Star and I.
We are kind of family already
I love them both. Star’s mother, Stella, feels like a daughter to me. I feel so much love for Princesses’ family.
For some reason I felt that Little Star was very affectionate to me too.

This is a family life I could get very used to. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait a few more years before this becomes a reality.

The transition between 2016 and 2017 was one of the best I ever had.

New Year’s eve and the following day were great, intense, cozy and then there were the good vibes and so much love.

Most of all I love my life with Princess.
I love the kinky world also. I can’t get enough of it. I can be whom I am.
Princess makes me feel free.