Something completely different

I’m not always busy flogging or spanking Princess. She is not the whole time enjoying the tight embrace of rope nor is she begging for relief while her body is covered with clothespins. Princess is not orgasming the whole time either. Sometimes we do very mundane stuff.

Like going to the movies. Yesterday we saw Tim Burton’s “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, a Tim Burton movie. We enjoyed it very much. The 3D was not used so much to hide flaws in the film by giving the viewer the impression all sorts of stuff is floating around. No, here 3D was used to create depth in an more artsy way.

Albeit I liked the movie very much I was a little disappointed as I had expected something more magical. Some of the movie was shot not that far from my hometown.

Yes, Princess and I love movies and I try to show her stuff that is somewhat older but still a great movie experience. Like Woody Allen’s Manhattan or Wild at Heart, a David Lynch movie.

Now that the winter is approaching it is a great idea to watch movies in our bedroom. It was/is a small project that kept me busy for some time. It is almost finished yet already operational. The only thing that will change is the screen. That will be at the end of the year.

Raspberry Pi 3b with external disk Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b with external disk
Ricoh GR II

So I got a Pioneer A-103 amplifier (1994) for 40 bucks. The Akai EA-A7 Graphic Equalizer (1985) I already owned was also installed in our bedroom. With it 100 Watt Pioneer boxes. To be honest I am not that picky anymore. When we are in the fields I can’t hear the crickets anymore and even birds singing are fading away.

I have an old Samsung 21” HD (1920×1080) display but that will be replaced with a +27” HD screen very soon.

Raspberry Pi 3b Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b
Ricoh GR II

I can access my collection of music and movies, all stored on hard drives, using a very cheap ASUS 7” Android tablet. The heart of the whole system is a Raspberry Pi 3 equipped with a HiFiBerry DAC+ light sound extension card. It runs Kodi Home Theater on Debian Linux. Total cost this computer, not much bigger than a credit card does not exceed 6o dollar. I am not counting the external hard disk.

Every computer in my house talks with every computer in my house. When I get a new movie or a new CD is goes almost automatically to the external disk of Kodi.

I can watch a zillion internet channels like TV, video, music. For the time being I have configured my Youtube and Vimeo account.

Sound is terrific and I cannot wait to get a bigger screen.

Raspberry Pi 3b Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b
Ricoh GR II


3 thoughts on “Something completely different”

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those, I’ve recently discovered Kodi and love it. Have been using Ubuntu fro years and love the Linux system; powerful and dependable.

    1. The whole system is working great and I am still fairly astonished by the power/price ratio of the Raspberry. I have a second one I use for playing around with Linux and I just ordered another one in order to experiment with electronics. I also have Ubuntu running on an very old laptop and when it dies I’ll replace it with a Raspberry. I believe their power and possibilities will continue to grow.

      I have been playing with Kodi beta 1.7 on my Mac and it is very promising. Anyway, if you want to setup a system on a Raspberry and you kneed some help, just yell.

      Take care and give our love to Kayla.

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