An Orgasm

Wednesday, July 27 was a special morning.
The evening before had been very intense with some rope play, caning and flogging. Princess does enjoy the heavy flogger I bought a few weeks ago.
I gave the love of my life quite a few orgasms. Then we went to bed and we made love. I fucked Princess hard, long and rough.

We slept well.
Then came Wednesday, July 27 and a special morning.
It was finally Tax Freedom Day in Belgium. It was also Princesses’ last free Wednesday morning for at least a month. Due to new laws she had to apply again for her parental leave and if all goes well it will be granted, again, starting September.

We made love. Those whom follow this blog know that I can almost fuck forever as it has become very difficult for me to orgasm/ejaculate while making love. To be honest I don’t care anymore and I prefer it this way. Fucking and fucking for ages, manipulating Princess, is much more pleasant than my orgasm. Well, to be honest, I wish it did happen once in the blue moon. The physical and emotional experience is almost non-existent when masturbating.

So we started making love and then I felt it in my loins, lower belly, and balls. A warm glow started pleasantly increasing, taking over the lower part of my body.

Princess came, thanking me for her zillionth orgasm.
Focus Franco, I thought and I kept on moving.
Princess came again.
Focus Franco.

Then it came and an avalanche of emotions devastated my body and mind. Cold warps flowed back and forth over my back while I orgasmed.

For a millisecond it felt as if I was dying, as if I was leaving my body. Oh boy it felt so good. Then an emotional wave engulfed me and I could not help myself but cried as I buried my face in Princesses’ hair.

I had forgotten how good an orgasm could feel as it was the first time this year that I did come this way. Strange though that jerking off or orgasming through intercourse feel so differently.


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