2016 – The First Day

Days are just days. Yet some of them have a more symbolic meaning, like Christmas Eve or Old Years Eve. New Year’s Day.

The last hours of 2015 are ticking away and 2016 is anxiously waiting, ready to make a big entry.

This evening I will spend with Little A., Princess and Little Star. Big A. is spending the evening with her boyfriend and some of their close friends somewhere in town.

I am happy that 2015 brought mainly good things for my daughters, Princess and me. The people whom I cherish and love, care for, have been spared from illness or grief.

Sadly this hasn’t been the case for everybody.
The list is long with mass killings, terrorist attacks, horrible accidents, natural disasters, war.

We are so fortunate yet we often forget.
It is easy to complain and it seems much harder to be happy with the small things life tend to offer us.

My dear Readers and Friends, and the occasional visitors, Princess and I wish you all a wonderful and happy New Year.

Let 2016 be full of love, health, sexiness and happiness and so much good things for us all.


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