Preparing Christmas Eve Dinner

It is 15:35 on this sunny December 24th, 2015. Outside it is something like 15°C (55,4°F). A white Christmas is further away than ever.

I am having a blast.
Cleaned our apartment. Set the table.

Tied together with a single column tie.
Tied together with a single column tie.

Then I started cooking using fresh ingredients.

First I made broccoli soup and followed a very easy recipe from my hero Gordon Ramsay and added a little touch of my own.

Oh boy, the soup is simply delicious and even if the rest of the meal isn’t worth horse shit I am sure Princess will never forget my broccoli soup.
This evening I’ll serve the bright green soup with some goat cheese.

Endive is steamed and ready to be rolled in ham. After posting this I’m going to make the béchamel sauce.
Witloof in Hespenrolletjes‘ is one of Princess’s favorite dishes. Unfortunately don’t like endive so this is a surprise and a real treat for Princess.

There will be mashed potatoes and grilled pork tenderloin.


After that tea or coffee and cake made by Little A.

I feel so happy, so ecstatic and for the first time in decades I feel the Christmas spirit taking over. Thank you, Princess, for giving me back these special Xmas vibes.

A lot of presents for Princess, Big A. and Little A.
A lot of presents for Princess, Big A. and Little A.

One day you, Princess, and I will be together, preparing Christmas and then I will be even happier.




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  1. This makes my heart sing! I love reading your JOY. A very Merry Christmas to you and Princes from D and I.

    I’m hungry now thanks to those photos!

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