I miss you, Princess – revisited

I wrote this poem 2 years ago and when I look back I don’t find it all that bad, yet now I would rewrite it in a slightly different way. Of course it does not work that way. Imagine having 5 versions of the same book because now and then the authors changes something.

This time I did not use the iPad to record but my iMac and an external, cheap mic.

I recorded it in Garageband and added a discrete soundtrack. I am not sure if it works but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Hope you’ll enjoy.

2 thoughts on “I miss you, Princess – revisited”

  1. Thank you for your valuable feedback dievca. I recorded this in my spacious living room using Garageband with mic on my iMac. Using my iPad gave a much better result. After listening again I also agree the soundtrack was not such a good idea. I’m going to use a different program for recording voice.

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