For you, Princess revisited

One of the things I have in mind is adding some kind of podcast thingamabobs to this site.

I have no idea yet about how to do this.

The technical stuff should not be a huge problem. A good mic, some software and other shit and we are good to go.
Well, not really.

My first attempt was installing some recording software on my iPad. No big deal.
Creating an account at Soundcloud was easy too.

Then I needed to record something.

I am home alone so I decided to read a poem I recently posted on this site.
Okay, how does one read a poem?
Five times? Ten times?

At first my voice broke. Damn, I was so touched by my own words I could barely cite myself.

After that I sounded stupid, lifeless, horny, funny with lots of overacting.

I did 22 takes before I was somewhat happy with the result. Please bear in mind that I am not used to talk English and my accent is horrible.

What did I learn?
I need a (good) mic. I need good software that enables me to add background stuff. Like layers in Photoshop.

Anyway, I know my poem, For you, Princess, by heart now. I learned poetry can be read in different ways. One’s recorded voice is different from what we hear when we are just talking.

I used my iPad Air and the Dictaphone App and WavePad on my iMac.

It was fun to do so I’ll be doing this kind of stuff more often.

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