A few weeks ago I accompanied Princess to her physician. Princess’ IUD needed to be removed.

Princess was a little flabbergasted I did not stand next to her doctor and witness the procedure. I wanted though.
I wanted to see it.
But as a Dominant respect is high on my list.
I had never met her physician and the idea of looking over her shoulder, asking for consent, on a first meeting, did not appeal to me.

Now, while writing this, I wish I would have the IUD hanging on a silver chain, around my neck, as a token of Princess’ purity. Sometimes we need to act on the moment itself which I didn’t. I regret it but I learned a lesson. After 4 years I still can’t say what is right or wrong when it comes to more explicit things. Like wearing Princess’ UID as a token.

That same morning her doctor took a swab too. I figured that would be it.
I was mistaken.

Princess had an appointment just a few days ago because her doctor had informed her not all was well.

So there we were, Princess and I.

Princess had documented herself, I had come unprepared. I do not know what is best and it is a discussion but I like to keep an open mind.

Turned out some HPV values were to high and Princess needed a colposcopy.

Princess’ previous swab, tow years ago, gave even higher values but in the 2015 test they had receded.

At that time the doctors had not been alarmed. Now her physician was.

Is it a difference in school? Experience?
I don’t care.
In a few weeks there will be a colposcopy and we’ll take it from there.

Let me be very clear on this. We are not alarmed yet, it is on our mind though. It is a part of her life, my life, our life. We have decided to share this with you. I hope this will be contained in only a few posts.

We talked about sharing this on our blog. Because we consider this blog as a personal diary I will be writing about it.

I am, we are, open-minded and almost everything goes. But for the first time I have to ask. Please, if you feel the need to react on this post or its threads, please do so in a positive way. We are NOT open to doomsday scenarios or doomsday reactions.


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