We are back

September 19, 2015.
After an incredible and fun holiday and a long drive back home Princess and I dined at Restaurant Shokudo.

The Sushi Shokudo Boat was a fest and the accompanying Chardonnay simply delicious. The restaurant offered us the Jasmine tea and Limoncello as an after-dinner digestivo. I had told our waiter how we had enjoyed our very first date, 4 years ago, in this restaurant and since that evening our yearly anniversary started at the Shokudo.

Back home I unwrapped the Power Tripper, an add-on for the Neon Wand. What an experience! I’ll write about this new toy later on.

The lovemaking afterwards was simply maddening.

This Sunday morning, September 20, we started our day with some intense, kinky and rough fuckery to celebrate our 4 years and as a kick-off for our 5th year.

Much too soon it was time to say goodbye to Princess. I drove her home, we kissed and said goodbye. Our time together, 6 intense and wonderful days had simply flown by. It was strange though. None of her kids came outside to welcome their mom or to help her with her luggage because doing so would mean meeting the devil.
That would be me. They waited patiently inside their house until I was gone.

Over the past 4 years Princess and I have grown, discovered new things. Princess makes me whole. I have never experienced such an intense love before. Yet one thing remains unchanged… I am not accepted by her kids. I am still hated, unwanted, a treat. They do not want to have anything to do with me.
Yes, I feel truly sorry for them.

I feel very emotional here in my empty apartment. It is not easy to adjust to the old way of living. I miss Princess so much it hurts and stings. Being together for 6 days was a preview on how our life will be once we’ll be able to live together.

But I’ve some unpacking to do and later on Little A. will drop by. That will change my mind.

There are photos to work on. And maybe I’ll write some more about our holiday too.
I wish I could say it is great to be back.
I can’t though because then I would be lying.

Dining at Restaurant Shokudo (19/09/2015)
Dining at Restaurant Shokudo (19/09/2015)


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