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When visiting the Normandy Coast, D-Day is simply omnipresent. Memorials, museums, War Cemeteries and remains are everywhere.

Princess and I visited Pointe Du Hoc. US Rangers captured this cliff, situated between Omaha Beach and Utah beach, in the early hours of June 6, 1944. It was a very important step in the success of Operation Overlord.  Pointe Du Hoc remains untouched since that day.

We visited the Les Braves Memorial on Omaha Beach.

At Arromanches, not far from our B&B, we walked over Gold Beach and were awed by what remains of Mulberry Harbour also know as Winston (Churchill) Harbour.

We also visited the War Museum at Arromanches.

It was great to visit the places were history was written.

For a moment though, a mere intellectual effort, I tried to imagine how Europe would be like today, if Hitler had won the war. I am sure we would, in time, have broken free, like our East-European friends did in 1989 when the wall went down.

Princess and I talked about today and if we would be ready to give our lives for our kids. We would, yes. We had our lives and our kids are only starting theirs. We would fight for them, for their freedom and against any enemy.

On all of these spots I felt emotional and humble.
It is hard to comprehend the grandeur of what happened on these beaches, now 71 years ago. The courage of those whom came to set us free. The loss of lives, the sacrifices, the military splendor.

I can only bow my head and thank all those brave men and women whom sacrificed so much, even their lives, to free us.

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