Counting down…

I am counting the minutes.
Princess texted me half an hour ago asking me to pick her up at 21:00.

So yes, I am counting the minutes, even the seconds.
Over less than one hour I’ll be on my way to her place and we’ll be home about 20′ later.

I’m thinking that some intense lovemaking would be a great kick-off for our special week. Don’t you?

It is 19:50 where I live and already dark. Rain is pouring down.
Weather next week will be a mixed bag.

I don’t think we’ll be bored for one single second though.
We decided to introduce some protocol in our D/s relation.
I’ll be working on improving my rope skills. We’ll be making photographs too.
And maybe, just maybe, there will also be some rough lovemaking.

I am so thrilled, so incredibly happy.
Most of all I am blessed with Princess in my life.

Tomorrow Princess and I will be on our way to ‘La Douce France’. We’ll be leaving at 06:30 so I can beat the traffic jams around Brussels.

Princess and I will be together for a whole week. On Saturday evening we’ll be dining at the Sushi restaurant where we had our first date. I asked for the same table. It is the one at the window near the Buddha.
Then it will be our 4th anniversary.

You, dear Readers, are also a part of our story.


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