In two days from now we will be on the road to the B&B near the French Atlantic coast.
It is a spot where, on June 6, 1944 history was written and where so many lives were sacrificed in the name of freedom.
This place, this region will always be remembered as D-Day.

Allies suffered about 400 loses on Gold Beach at Arromanches-les-Bains. Today one can still see the remains of Mulberry Harbour lying on the beach.

I haven’t packed yet.

Deciding which camera or system I want to take with me was the hardest part. I finally settled for a digital set. The Nikon D300 and some glass plus the Nikon F90x, an analogue film camera, and the Olympus OMD M-10 and some glass as backup system.

A tripod and a few Neutral Density filters for long exposures.

My iPad Air, Bluetooth keyboard and a card reader. eReader.
Notebook and pen.

Rope and a few books on the art of Shibari. Impact toys such as a couple of floggers and a few canes. Wig, blindfold, leather cuffs, Princess’ play collar and leash, the little rabbit.
And no to forget the mattress protectors.

I have installed the Meteo France app. Next week temperatures will vary between 18°C and 20°C and an occasional shower. That is okay. Weather is always unpredictable at the Atlantic Coast.

This next week I won’t be very active on Facebook and on this blog. On Monday morning my phone goes in Quiet Hours and I’ll be only be reachable by those defined in my circle of trust. That would be my two daughters and Princess.

Princess is my absolute priority. It is about much-needed Q-time for us both. Showing her around in a region she has not visited before.
It is about dining, walking, loving and playing.
It is solely about Princess and I.

Chambres d'hôtes "La Ferme de la Gronde" Route de l'Eglise - Départementale 516 - Le Bourg 14400 MAGNY EN BESSIN France
Chambres d’hôtes “La Ferme de la Gronde”
Route de l’Eglise – Départementale 516 – Le Bourg

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  1. And it sounds like heaven in the making, Franco. So very glad you two are getting this chance to explore together. Enjoy every single second.

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