I open one eye
And I put out my hand just to touch your soft hair
To make sure in the darkness that you were still there
And I have to admit
I was just a little afraid
But then…
I had a little bit of luck
You were awake
I couldn’t take another moment alone

© Waters Roger – 5 11 Am (The Moment Of Clarity)
The Pros and Cons of Hitchhicking

On average Princess and I spend 3 nights a week together.

Ending the day with Princess and the subsequent cuddling up to her still seizes me with an overwhelming feeling of wonder.

Outside street noises fade away while we sink into this delicious, safe and warm pool of oblivion.
Our hearts pounding after intense and rough lovemaking. The scent of sex that lingers.
We spoon. I hold Princess in my arms, one hand on her belly, the other on hers, fingers entwined.

Of course this changes trough the night as we turn and move.
Sometimes, somewhere in the night, Princess has to go to the bathroom. Half awake I feel her getting back in bed and I smile, so aware of her presence, not only in our bed but in my life.

And yes, when drifting on that thin yet sweet frontier between dreaming and a certain state of being awake I reach out to touch her.
Feeling her warmth, her presence, soothes me in a way I never experienced before. It is mostly about being whole and the love and so much more that has steadily glued us together over the past 4 years.

When the alarm clock goes off, a 5:55 am, I literally jump out of bed. Not even 10 minutes later I am ready to leave for work. I am fully awake and ready to attack the day. Princess needs much more time, she is used to a whole different way of starting the day.

We leave our apartment and outside we kiss and say goodbye.
Then we drive away, each in a different direction.

One day this will change though. We’ll be still saying goodbye and leave home for work.
But then, every day will start and end with Princess.
I can hardly wait.

10 days to go...
10 days to go…

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