The Sound Of Music

Thought 1.
We are walking, Princess and I. The sky deep blue, the sun high. An almost imperceptible breeze caresses us gently.
Princess stops and grabs my arm.
“Listen”, she says, “so lovely, all those crickets. Oh, did you hear that tit sing?”
A veil of sadness envelopes me. There is only silence and an indiscernible hum.
Yes, my hearing abilities are slowly deteriorating.
So be it. I can imagine worse.

Thought 2.
There is this rack with a turntable, equalizer, amplifier, tuner, CD player and double cassette deck. I cannot remember the brand (I’m thinking Technics) but at the time is was very expensive. It took me quite some time to finally get the whole system.
After my divorce I moved to this apartment and placed the sound system in my cellar. Over time other stuff go piled up and now the rack is buried deeper than King Tut’s treasure. I don’t think even Howard Carter would want to have a go at it.

Thought 3.
Past week a colleague of my talked about his new and very expensive sound system he is putting together. We are talking about a 1600€ turntable.
On a website he showed me a 25000€ arm for a turntable.
Well, okay, a Leica M-P with a Summicron 35mm f2 goes for about 9,000.00$
My colleague showed me his new FiiO X3. It does hardware DSD decoding and supports FLAC.
With contagious enthusiasm he talked about the level of detail one experiences with DSD and FLAC. Compared to MP3 or even AIFF.
I guess he would think the same when I talk about the incredible detail, micro-contrast, sharpness and resolving power of a Leica lens.
I am sure he would see the amazing difference between a high-grade Leica Summicron and a cheap consumer grade Nikon lens. Like he perceives the difference between a MP3 and a FLAC sound file.
Sadly I can only see, not hear.

Thought 4.
I love watching movies on my large 27″ iMac (not Retina) display.
As a matter of a fact I spend quite some time watching Youtube and Vimeo photography and Shibari channels.
Princess likes to cuddle up with me on our couch and enjoy an artsy movie with me.
When I got my iMac, it has 16 GB and did not come cheap, I also bought two 19,90€ speakers. Yeah I know, at times I can be very stingily.
How many time has Princess not asked me to get the sound system out of my cellar? I never did. To much work, too much confrontation with other buried memories in my cellar.

Thought 5.
I saw Pink Floyd perform twice (May 13th, 1989 and September 2nd, 1994) open-air concerts at Werchter. The first time was with my mother. I had bought her a ticket for Mother’s Day. I knew she liked Pink Floyd a lot.
It was an unforgettable evening, oh boy, it is etched in my memories forever. She was so happy, my mother was. Eager to meet my friends, being a part of the bunch. Enjoying every bit of a marvelous warm evening.

I love music. It is about what I feel, think, hear. What sound or words do with my mind. The right music can be a mind-altering drug.

Intermezzo. I just spend 2 hours with Big A. at our local Sushi restaurant. It was a last-minute call but I was happy to be with my eldest daughter. She told me about her brake-up with her boy friend. After 5 years they decided to rent an apartment and then he ditched her. I listened and gave some much appreciated input. Then Big A. asked me about Princess and then I was skating on thin ice again. Everything always reflects on the fact I left her mother.

Back home.
I am trying to catch the mindset I had before Big A. called me.

Pink Floyd.
And then, of course, Roger Waters.

I do like the music Roger Waters made. The Pro’s and Con’s of Hitchhiking is an intense concept CD with a hell of a story and grand music.
And then there is the grand Leaving Beirut.

Yep Roger Water’s music fuels my creativity for reasons I do not understand. The music, the instruments, the words awaken emotions in me that laid dormant for eons.
I needed to hear the music. I needed to hear what was left of it, for my ears.

So this afternoon, after visiting my barber I drove to a shop that is specialized in second hand material and at the same time they provide work to those whom are not apt to get a regular job.

I got a Sony CMT-RB5 for 32 Euro and back home I cleaned my desk, installed the system and boxes and found a cable so the sound of the iMac goes through the Sony.

I did not like the sound though.
Way to flat, dead, whatever.

Did some surfing and finally downloaded Boom 2 It is an equalizer for the iMac. After installation the program does a self-assessment.
Then I downloaded the free Boom 2 remote for my iPad and was able to make the music sound the way I like it.

Hell, even half deaf this is real ear-candy.

Thank you Princess.
Thank you for pushing me into doing this.
I know it took quite some time before I listened.

Even if the Sony is merely nothing the sound quality I now have is awesome.

Sony CMT-RB5 (2015) Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix f1,7 20mm
Sony CMT-RB5 (2015)
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix f1,7 20mm

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