Thoughts – August 30, 2015

Looking back, past week was different from what Princess and I are used to. Less kink, less lovemaking and sex but more cuddling and simply being together.

I think we both felt a little lost. And my long rant, Thoughts – August 28, 2015, did not make Princess very happy either. In fact we talked about it on the phone and I said a few things that made her sad.
Stupid me.

Little A. stayed with us the whole week too so that made playing impossible.

Wednesday we had an appointment with Princess’ physician to remove her UID. That morning her period also started and it was much more intense.

I have no problem whatsoever with making love during ‘that period of the month’ as long as my partner feels comfortable with it.
It is the case with Princess.
It has never held us back.

This time she felt a little uneasy though and I completely respect her feelings.

So on our two evenings, Tuesday and Saturday, we went out for drinks and back home saw movies.

Simple Simon is a Swedish movie about a younger brother with Asperger syndrome who helps his older brother find a new girlfriend. We both enjoyed it very much and I can only recommend the movie.

I liked Snow Cake even more. It is a drama focused on the friendship between a high functioning autistic woman (Sigourney Weaver) and a man (Alan Rickman) who is traumatized after a fatal car accident.

Saturday we had the intention to visit The Dungeon but we did not feel like it and stayed home.
When I dropped Princess at her place yesterday at noon, we both felt very depressed.

Unfortunately Princess did not have a great Sunday afternoon either.
Without going into much details Stella kind of lost it. To make things even worse and to the unspeakable horror of her siblings Stella intentionally broke a statue her father had made.

So yesterday evening Princess dropped by. My love was emotionally drained.
I let her spill her gut, then took her for a walk and then we went to bed.
We made love and it was soothing, and intense and grand.

Princess and I slept well. We always do when we are together.

It was way too early this morning (06:00 am)  but it is what it is.
We both had to work.


Still 14 days to go...
Still 14 days to go…

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