Just another weekend

Princess and I had a great weekend.

Saturday evening I took my love for dinner.
‘t Schipke aan de Nete is a traditional restaurant in the middle of the fields and near a small river. We often go there for a drink. It is so enjoyable to sit outside in the garden, sip dry white wine and simply be together.

'tSchipke aan de Nete, satellite image by Google Maps
‘tSchipke aan de Nete, satellite image by Google Maps

Food was delicious.
Princess had a Vietnamese stew pot with seafood and prawns and I enjoyed a ham hock with sauerkraut and mustard sauce.

Vietnamese stew pot wit seafood and prawns. Image with Lumia 640 LTE
Vietnamese stew pot with seafood and prawns.
Image with Lumia 640 LTE

Ham hock with sauerkraut and mustard sauce. Image with Lumia 640 LTE

Ham hock with sauerkraut and mustard sauce.
Image with Lumia 640 LTE

We took our time, talked and drowned in each others eyes, holding hands. Princess and I are still so madly in love.

Back home we played a little. I didn’t go full force on the spanking though. Tomorrow we are invited at her brother’s place and he has a swimming pool.

intense spanking + bikini x family = bad idea

So instead I tied Princess to the bed and enjoyed teasing her delicious pussy with my tongue. She came very intense and then I tormented Princess’ sensitive armpits and sides with a feather. Then went down again and after yet another orgasm I teased her skin again. Cunnilingus is one of the things I simple love doing. They should erect an enormous statue for its inventor and name stars, streets, lands and oceans after him/her.
After 6 or 7 times Princess begged for mercy.

At midnight it was still very hot in the apartment. Near where we live a concert was held.
“Let’s go outside for a while”, Princess whispered.
So we got out of bed, got dressed and a few minutes later we enjoyed a concert by a Belgian group called Funeral Dress.

It was great fun, mostly because of the colorful people, some with Mohawk’s and others with a zillion facial piercings, leather clothing and chains and tattoos.

After the concert we went back home and slept well.

Like every Sunday morning the lovemaking was intense.
At 11:15 we finally found the courage to get out of bed.
I did not need to drop Princess off at her place. She was staying with me for the bigger part of the day.
Princess cooked mussels for lunch.

At 14:45 we left our place.
Princess’ brother had invited us for his birthday party. Unfortunately none of Princess’ kids wanted to tag along because I would be there too. Seemingly nothing ever changes. After almost 4 years they still do not want to have anything to do with me.

Well, this time there was one exception.
Stella wanted to go too but not with us. When it dawned to her none of her siblings would take Princess’ car and visit their uncle on their own she asked other family members if they would have the courtesy to pick her up. Stella did not find any volunteers so she had no other choice than to tag along with us.
Princess told me Stella had made it clear she did not want me to talk to her under any circumstances.

We had a great afternoon.
I love Princess’ family. They are generous and kind people and I feel accepted by them.

We drove back home at around 19:00 because Star was getting tired. Stella, her mother, did no want to return with us and found somebody to give her a ride to a nearby railway station so she could get the bus. Yet I said goodbye to Stella. She nodded, her eyes flooded with anger.

After dropping Princess at her place I fetched Little A. at her mother’s place. My youngest daughter (15) is staying with me this week.
We watched a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars and then I went to bed.

Princess and I really enjoyed our time together. It was not about playing, sex, lovemaking and BDSM but more about being a couple, living together and visiting family.
The small things life has to offer are extremely enjoyable too.

't Schipke aan de Nete. Lumia 640 LTE
‘t Schipke aan de Nete.
Lumia 640 LTE



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