Thoughts – August 20, 2015

I have two blogs.
One is about analogue photography, the second is the one you are reading, Princess and I.

I write under my real name on the photography blog. The topics are sometimes a tad technical but I try to add a personal touch too.

Then there is this Sir Franco Bolli blog. It is a very personal account of my life with Princess and not always about kinky stuff.
I would say that this blog comes very close to a very private diary.

Photography is one of my biggest passions yet I have an intense hate/love relation with it. I don’t understand the mechanisms behind it though. I only know there are moments when I don’t touch a camera, look at a photography blog or spend time on YouTube watching interesting vlogs. I don’t feel like expressing myself with images and these periods can last from anything between a few weeks to several months.

I am in such a period. Writing has, momentarily, taken over the image making process completely.

This results in the fact that I find it near to impossible to write for both blogs at the same time. So when I’m active with photography this Sir Franco Bolli blog gets neglected and vice versa.

Yet writing will always prevail on anything else.

There is even more to it. I would love to write short stories. I done so before, ages ago, with some success. In that pre-Internet period I had the pleasure to see some of my stories published in a literary magazine.
At that time I wrote in Dutch, my mother tongue.

The only thing that holds me back from writing more short stories is because I want to write them in English. There is a substantial hiccup though. Although I consider my written English to be acceptable it is not good enough to write stories.

Nobody is impatiently waiting to read something that is filled with a zillion grammatical errors.

Green Pencil (2015) iPad Air with the photography app 'Manual'
Green Pencil (2015)
iPad Air with the photography app ‘Manual’

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