We are back

I’m looking at the annual invoice I received by mail from www.neostrada.nl.
The grand total is nothing more than a baby’s fistful of Euro’s.
Not a big deal.

Cutting down on Princess’ allowance for jewelry at Bulgari & Cartier and not replacing her Lamborghini Gallardo for the new Aventador LP-750-4 would make it possible to extend my SirFrancoBolli.org website for another year. It will be hard but it is manageable.

I was moved by the reactions and mails following my decision to shut down my SirFrancoBolli.org blog. I had no idea so many people found my simple musings so heartwarming.

Princess, on her knees, hands tied behind her back, also asked me to continue our very personal diary before she pleasured me.
Every time that is, as a nagging infant.

So Princess will keep her Gallardo a little longer and I will embrace my, I hope soon to arrive, Aventador LP 750-4. After all I am the Dominant. And I’ll be able to pay the bill for the SirFrancoBolli.org domain.
I hope there will be room in the trunk of the Aventador for whips, rope and other stuff.
Yeah, these cars are made for people whom travel light.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4-Superveloce
Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4-Superveloce

Princess and I are doing well. In exactly 2 months we’ll be traveling to Arromanches in Normandy. It is not about World War 2, it is just a destination. We’ll be celebrating our 4th anniversary.

Nothing has changed. After 4 years I am still persona non grata for her kids. I am sad to say Stella is not doing well at all and still admitted in psychiatry. She comes home on most of the weekends but the situation at Princess’ home is often tense when Stella is there. Star is moving towards her 3th year but I don’t see her that often though.

BDSM lovemaking  is what we do. Not living together makes the D/s a little harder but we try.

Finally I have come at peace with the idea that between Princess’ offspring and me there will be nothing more than a polite hello. I have given up on them and I am not sure I’m willing to shake their outstretched hands in any future. Finally I do not need them.

There are also other issues. The relationship between Big A. and myself has become non-existent. Little A. has her issues, problems with school to, like her big Sis, but with her I have a very good relation. Hell, she even hooked me on Pretty Little Liars.

Tomorrow I am taking Princess out. It is a secret because she reads this blog too.

And then we had this long talk, more a fantasy, last night. I decided to deepen her thoughts and musings and maybe even make them happen. I like the idea, the fun, the anticipation and the, I am sure, hardening and arousing eye candy.

We will stay within our hard limits though. Hell, let us stretch them a little. Are you up to it Princess?

PS If I had money to splash… no Ferrari, Porsche or Maserati but a Lamborghini. These cars are in my opinion extremely sensual and need a driver with balls. I have two of them 😉

Not Princess but it could be... if I had my way....

Not Princess but it could be… if I had my way….

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    1. Thank you Sir. It took me some time before I understood it would be a huge mistake ending this diary/blog. The heartwarming comments I received following The End, helped me very much finding my way again.

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