The Last One

This is the last entry I will make for the Thursday’s Photograph. The reason is simple. is our erotic diary and tells our story, what makes us tick, what happens in our lives.

I started the Thursday’s Photograph as a way to make me write for this blog every single week. It is in some sort a deadline.
But posting something about photography, my second passion next to Princess, every week soon became not enough.

Recently I decided to take a few steps back and started with analogue black and white photography. Back to my roots as it were.

That too is enough to write about so I decided to start a blog about my adventures with analogue film photography. You can find it at

It became obvious this weekly post would soon become obsolete. That moment has arrived. This is my last entry about photography on this blog.

I am happy to announce that from 2015 the Thursday’s Photograph will be replaced by a weekly erotic photograph and is a joint venture of Princess and I.

It is Princess’ idea and I support it completely albeit we are not yet on the same track about its contents yet.

For me this new project is about discovering what erotic photography really means to us both. It is about working together, brainstorming and building ideas into photographs. Where Princess was a loose contributor to this blog she now will become much more involved in its contents. I am really looking forward to this new venture and I am curious where it will take us.

Today’s shot symbolizes it all and was taken somewhere between 2007 and 2008 with, I guess, a Nikon F100. The film used a 400 ISO Ilford HP5 Plus.

For those who are interested in my photography and my reflections and ideas, please visit me at

As from January 2015 you’ll find a weekly erotic images Princess and I made on this blog.


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