Bitter Moon (1992)

When I attended film school one of my teachers, an avid Sam Peckinpah fan, told us we should see a movie at least 7 times.  After watching a movie as a whole one needed to look again and taste the acting, the music, the storyline, the photography and so on.
A movie is a multilayered event one cannot devour in one bite.

Some movies are worth the effort yet most of them are not.
One or two movies, maybe a handful, you see once and then they get buried deep in the darkest corners of you memory. They stay dormant, patiently waiting for a second viewing. They emerge when time is right, when you are ready to savor them again with mind and soul.

It must have been 1993 or so and I was newly wed when my Ex and I saw Roman Polanski’s “Bitter Moon“. The movie swept me off my feet with its literary story and I liked the narrator played by Peter Coyote, very much. He stayed in control much trough the film. “Bitter Moon” left a deep impression on me.

Strangely I forgot about the movie till a few days ago when, while browsing Youtube, I came across a trailer and got pulled in again.
“Bitter Moon” is about erotic manipulation, SM, BDSM, roleplaying and mind fucking.

So I watched the movie “Bitter Moon” for a second time after all these years. Older, wiser I hope and living a rich life with Princess, both enjoying and exploring our sexuality at its most.
How I enjoyed the cool, manipulative yet tragic Peter Coyote and his hot, deliciously voluptuous and sexy wife Emmanuelle Seigner (Miss Roman Polanski) mind fucking the naive young man (Hugh Grant) who is traveling with his lovely wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) searching for something new after been married for 7 years.

The story is told as one would read a book that, over time, becomes a dear friend. We see parts of their lives in flashbacks. Some hot or very hot, some sad and some just, well, arousing in my case.
“Bitter Moon” is a story about relations, about hope and shattered dreams. It is as life itself; a delicious mixture of hate and love topped with the kind of cruelty only humanity is capable of.

“Bitter Moon” is an intense experience and highly recommended.

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