A phone call #ASMSG

It is Wednesday and still early. I’m drinking coffee and enjoyed a few fresh croissants. The sun is making a timid appearance and holds the promise of a great Indian summer. I slept well in Princess’ arms at Stella’s place where Princess is babysitting Star each evening and night since a week.
Stella is staying at her grand parents and is happy and enjoying what she needs the most. That would be 100% attention.

Stella phones every evening to hear how her little daughter is doing. Having also Star would be too much for Princess’ parents. Saying Stella is a handful would be a huge understatement. Trust me, I know. Stating Stella does not miss her daughter would be a bridge to far. Well, to be honest, I’m not sure. I’m guessing it is a fair price for Stella to pay for the 100% devotion she is getting.  Even when Stella works Princess picks up Star in the morning and brings her to daycare and in most cases Princess also picks Star up in the evening.

The days, afternoons or hours Princess had to take off from work, sometimes at very short notice, for Stella are countless. Stella relentlessly sucks up her mother’s time. Often at the expense of her brother and sisters. They end up having less Q-time with their mother.

I too have given Stella lots of my time. I have used more than one free Wednesday to drive Stella around and when we had the occasion I would surprise her with a visit to Mac Donald’s. Princess and I took Stella and Star twice to the beach offering her a grand day. I bought her trousers and a pullover and some other stuff too. Making the people I like happy pleasures me.

No, I am not writing this to prove I am a nice and caring guy. To be quite frank I am not bothered with what others may or may not think about me. I know who I am and for what I stand. Besides, being worried about what others might think is a waste of time. Everybody else is way to busy with himself or herself to care about what others do.

In my previous post, Kind of married with a kid, I mentioned Princess quarreling with Stella past Sunday when she visited her at her parent’s.

Stella was mad because she had found out I stayed the evening and nights with Princess at HER place. She told her mother she was not to leave Star alone with me under any circumstance.
When Princess told me about the dispute I didn’t like what I heard. I had no idea what was coming.

Yesterday evening while I was packing my black gym bag with goodies so we could play Princess’ father phoned me.

He likes me and on a few occasions he told me how glad he is Princess found me. Months ago he even thanked me for taking such good care of Stella and Star. It touched me. Yeah, it really did.
At that time he had no idea what a burden Stella is. Hell, he and his wife know now.

So Princess father phoned to ask me a trivial question about his computer. I immediately felt it was a meager excuse.
I was right.
He was worried and taking care of Stella is really a burden for them. I like Princess’ parents very much but they are kind of unworldly and never left the shadow of their little hometown. It is only lately they discovered how Stella really is. It really shook their world and they still have a difficult time understanding or dealing with it.
Princess’ father told me about the quarrel Princess had with Stella and how Stella behaved afterwards, when her mother had left.

Stella felt her mother never makes time for her. Stella is convinced it is my fault. She wants to be alone with her mother. Stella does not like me and thinks of me as a very pushy kind of person making her do things she does not want to do. She is mad when her mother does not leave work immediately when she needs something. She is raving mad when I do things she feels her mother should do.

I should not be allowed to be with Star. I am bad news. I prevent her mother being with her because she wants her mother to be there for her 24 7/7. I am tearing the family apart. She and her brother and sisters dislike me.

Princess’ father felt sorry for me. I even started feeling sorry for myself. How could I have been so stupid? Every word he said was like a fist hitting me. He wanted to warn me, to tell me how Stella really thinks about me.

When we hung up I felt empty and sad. Back to square one. After more than 3 years we still are where we started. Surrounded by 5 kids who still hate and dislike me. Add to the equation Stella who has hoisted egocentrism to a whole new level and has shown to be a hypocrite in her relation with me.

Yes I know, Stella suffers from a mental illness and thus her behavior can be explained and excused.
Yet for the moment I do not want anything to do with Stella anymore.

Later that evening I drove to Princess and I felt shattered. We talked.

Stella phoned her mother telling her she needed to go to the doctor right away because she had found a swelling in her body.
She wanted her mother to jump in her car and drive 50 miles to fetch her, bring her to the doctor where she lives and drive her back to her grand parent’s.
She hung up when Princess asked why she could not see her grand parent’s med.

Stella phoned back 15′ later and I heard her yell she had cancer. Princess said she did not think it was cancer.
Stella hung up.

“She is testing me,” Princess told me, her voice so tense.
“I know,” I told her.
“Even The Boy, Kay, Ar and Bo are tired of her,” Princess sighed.
What could I say?
Then the phone started buzzing again.

“Yes, ” I said.

I took Princess’ iPhone and shut it down. Then I pulled the line out of the other phone. Blocked Stella in my iPhone.
I could read approval in Princess’ eyes.

“Strip girl,” I said.
With a huge smile Princess obeyed me.



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    1. It is Princess who has the patience of a Saint. My writings don’t even to justice to how it really is. Not only for Princess but for Stella’s brother and sisters too, not to mention Star. This afternoon Stella phoned me, cursing and swearing as a madman, wishing me to hell. I kid you not.

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