Kind of married with a kid #ASMSG #Erotic Romance #love

It has been an odd week. Past Monday Stella had an operation and two days later, on Wednesday, I picked her up at Princess’ parents where she had stayed an afternoon and night to gain forces. The next day though Stella returned to her grandparents as she was unable to get around with her foot in a plaster cast and crutches. Kitchen and living room are upstairs and bathroom and bedroom downstairs. The staircase is very steep.

Everybody agreed it would be best for little Star if she would sleep in her own room in stead of lodging at Princess’ house. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening a babysit was needed and Stella hoped she could rely on her sisters. Indeed, Tuesday evening and night Kay stayed at Stella’s to take care of little Star. Everybody said no thank you so finally it was Princess who had to babysit. Each of these evenings and nights Princess and I spend together at Stella’s place. The first two evenings we didn’t have Internet or television because Stella hadn’t paid her bill. We didn’t play either as I did not feel comfortable. During the night Stella texted or phoned her mother so Princess told her daughter to stop doing that. Getting some stupid message at 03:00 in the morning is not very fun when one has to get up early for work. Saturday evening I ordered at a Sushi take-away. Princess and I enjoyed dinner and wine while Star was asleep. We talked and played a little. I gave Princess a good spanking until she came. My love was extremely wet so after a few minutes I started spanking again bringing her to a second and even wetter orgasm. Then we went to bed and made love and turned out the lights at 23:00 something.

It had forgotten how it was and how it felt. O my god. I was warped back in time by at least 12 years. Sunday morning Princess and I are used to sleep till 9 or 10, make love and then drowse for a while before getting out of bed. This Sunday I was woken at 06:46 by Star who was crying. At first I did not know where I was and I remember thinking, hell, is there a baby in my apartment building. Then I thought, mm, I am not in my bed. So where is that whining coming from? Then it struck me. I was staying at Stella’s place and Star was awake.
I woke Princess and she told me I could stay in bed.
“No,” I replied, “we are doing this together.”
So we took care of Star and while Princess gave her grandchild her bottle I washed the dishes.
Then we went to the baker. Back in the car Star screamed and struggled while we tried to get her in her safety chair.
Yes I had forgotten how it was, so many years ago, having toddlers.

At 10:00 Star got tired and we put her to bed and then I took Princess to “our” bed. I made love to her, fucking Princess violently and make her count.
When Princess sighed “10” I took her in my arms and we dozed off for some 20’. Then the alarm went off and after dropping both ladies at Princess’ house I went home. In the afternoon I felt so exhausted, so tired.
Princess had a fight with Stella earlier that afternoon at her parent’s place. Stella found out I was staying at her apartment too. She told her mother she did not want me to be alone with her daughter who calls me “grandpa” every time she sees me. I did not like the sound of what Stella had said and I felt very sad about it. Of course it is no personal, it is a trust issue, but it hurt my feelings more than I can say.

That evening I arrived at Stella’s again around 8 in the evening. Princess and I went to bed, talked for a while and off went the lights. Then Star started crying so Princess took her in “our” bed for about 20’. I told some bedtime stories and then Star went back to her bed. We turned off the lights a 21:30. Princess and I were both exhausted and so tired. We did not make love. We fell asleep almost immediately.

For a short time we are parents again and we have an almost 2-year-old toddler. The influence this has on our life in general and on our sex life more specifically is unbelievable.

Even with this found again knowledge I still regret not having met Princess a few years earlier.
Boy I really would have wanted a kid with Princess.

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  1. I remember… The exhaustion is mind numbing. I wish to hell someone had shook us hard and said “make large chunks of time for each other, do it regularly, do not forget what it’s like to ravage each other, you will need this to make it through”.
    I’m glad Stella trusts you though and you can experience the joys (and heartaches) of parenting with Princess.

    1. It is ravaging indeed but we manage to find enough quality time. Anyway this is a temporary (I hope) situation. I’m sorry Peep, but no, Stella does not trust me.
      Take care, Franco

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