A New Project – Help wanted

Over the past decades I have written several short stories. Some of them were even published in little known literary magazines. I also wrote a few stories just for Princess.

One of these short stories I really like a lot. It is somewhat erotic and has a very good story line and ends with a twist. “Carte Blanche” counts, in its Dutch version, some 4700 words.

I’ like to translate “Carte Blanche” but I know it is a very tiresome job. Last year I translated another short of mine, “The Aroma of Coffee” and published it on this blog.

I think it would be better a better idea to simply rewrite the story in English rather than translating it. Yet I have been postponing this task so to get things started I have set January 2015 as my deadline. The eBook will be made available on Amazon and Smashwords and maybe I’ll charge 0.99$ for it. I am not sure yet if I’ll put some photographs in it.

Help would be very much appreciated so this is what I have in mind.
It would be great to have for example 4 readers who read and edit 1 or 2 translated pages each. At the end two more readers are needed to check the whole book and file consistency as it will be made available as ePub and Mobi. Please do not apply if you feel you won’t have enough time to spare. So what’s in it for those who are willing to help me out? In the first place you’ll earn my everlasting gratitude. That must be worth something. Next you will be mentioned in the Acknowledgement part of my little book and I will even add a link to your blog/webpage. Of course each of you will receive a free copy of the eBook. Princess and I will even send you a virtual 2014 Xmas card and to top it off a virtual 2015 Happy New year card.

Carte Blanche
Had he dozed off? The day had been an endless one. It started very early with a video conference at his office. The lunch meeting with a potential supplier was uninteresting and the last one very long and even more boring. He’d been nodding most of the time. His head felt way too heavy, his neck too weak to support it and keeping his eyes open seemed an almost impossible task. With a deep sigh he finally left the cramped room and rushed to the coffee machine. Before ending the workday he checked the departure of the train he wanted to take. After purchasing a ticket on-line and printing it he finally left his office.

For the first time in almost a decade Franco Bolli was going to ​​use public transport. When he arrived at the train station he felt ignorant, a blind man in the world of the seasoned commuter, the One-Eyed Kings.

Drinking wine

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    1. Thank you so much Desiree, this is so kind of you. I am reading the story again, then I am going to tell it to myself in English and then I’ll start writing. The goal is at least a paragraph to half a letter a day.
      Kind regards, Franco

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