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Gone are the days when I hiked the French Opal Coast with my 25 kilogram Lowepro rucksack and a sturdy but heavy tripod.
I can’t anymore.
My lower back pains are severe and unpredictable. Since I met Princess the way I look at photography has changed too.

I switched to micro four thirds (MFT) two years ago and never looked back. Image quality is great but finally the camera is limited to the lens that is mounted on it.
Except for a few primes I have what I consider crappy glass. I have/had no idea what would be my next purchase when it comes to optics.
I know now.

It was refreshing to carry a bag not bigger than Princess’ handbag. The Olympus 14-42 3,5/5,6 kit lens of course. I had the excellent 45mm f1,8 Olympus and 20mm f1,7 Lumix primes I did not use.

The Olympus 40-150mm telezoom came in handy for the more intimate landscape photographs.
The few ND-filters and two CCTV-lenses I did not use either.
The small but sturdy tripod a dear friend gave me once did find a place in my bag too. That tripod I used really a lot.
My main lens was the kit lens that came with the camera.

Over the 5 days Princess and I spend in Germany I took some 600 images. Among it touristic snapshots, images of Princess, us, crap and some artsy stuff.

More than 90% was taken with the kit lens and, my mistake, wide open. Yes, this lens sucks big time when used wide open and in wide-angle.
Wide open it is sufficient sharp in the center but please do not look or pixel peek in the corners.

General image
General image
Center image
Center image


Left corner
Left corner. The houses are not very sharp.

Images shown are what they are… they do not prove a thing or are they a scientific comparison.To my great surprise I did not use a telezoom that much. I did not miss a super wide-angle lens either. So it is obvious a lens somewhere in the 14-32 range would be my first choice.

This lens exists but I’ll have to put money aside as this lens does not come cheap.
I have set my eye on the Olympus 12-40mm f2,8 Pro. It is an optical marvel and extremely sharp, honoring the 16 MP sensor of my OM-D EM-10. It is a wide-angle and a small telezoom and covers almost all my needs.

Then, after that, my next purchase?
That’s a no-brainer.
A Formatt Hitech Multistop Fader variable ND-filter.


12mm setting with kit lens, wide open.
12mm setting with kit lens, wide open.

Left hand side of the image being very unsharp and low quality.
Left hand side of the image being very unsharp and low quality.


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