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I am once again reblogging a post written by my friend Vile. You can find his blog HERE.

Not only do I unconditionally agree with his post, it is important to spread this so one can think about what Vile has so eloquently written.
Greed is a very consuming negative aspect of one’s life yet it has nothing positive except for feeding envy, hate and so much more.

What I have Learned

I learned about greed at an early age. I remember deer hunting at 14. I invited a friend, while hunting one early morning I shot a buck. We would clean right there on the spot because it was to hard getting the whole deer back home. As we were packing I noticed once we were through he had taking way more than half. That was the last invitation. I figured he needed it worse than I did so I said nothing.

Hunting was something I enjoyed it was my get away. I remember I would go squirrel hunting and I would take Mrs Wright my catch and she would cook squirrel dumplings for me.

I have learned that Drama is a cancer, and the only cure is to cut it off at the source. If you feed on their drama is just complicates your life.

I’ve learned that if people are to quick to help they have their own agenda.

I have learned once an abuser always an abuser, you are just wired that way, and there is no cure.

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