For old times’ sake #Thursday’s Photograph #photography

1/640′ at f 4,8 and ISO 80 – July 30, 2002.
Taken at the Atlantic Coast near Hourtin, France with my Olympus E-10.

I loved that camera.
I shot only JPG’s with it. At that time I was unaware of the treasures hidden in RAW-files.

Yes, I loved this camera and I still have it.
Sadly it does not work. It took a bad fall many years ago.

My mother helped me buy this 4-megapixel camera.  It cost me  a whopping 3500 Euro back in 2002.
Today one could get a Nikon full frame and a good lens with that money. Or a Canon or the new mirrorless Sony whatever.

My then future Ex-wife resented my camera and photography in general the way she resented sex and my family and so much more.

My daughters are very happy though because they have so many visual memories to look back.
Like my father documented our life too until he passed away when I was 13 and after that there are no photographs of us except for those I took when I was 16 and up, of my mom and sister.

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