Screwed by a screw #Thursday’s Photograph #art #photography

This afternoon I went for a walk in the woods at Kruiskensberg. Due to different types of soil one can find almost every common type of mushrooms.

I made about 15 great and good shots with my Olympus OM-D E-M10. The LCD screen tilts making it very easy to make shots from a very low viewpoint.

Mostly I used my Fujian 35mm f1,7 CCTV lens with a macro extension ring. I bought this lens for 25$ on eBay. Stopped down a little the lens is very sharp in the middle but the edges tend to get blurry. Well, that adds to the image so I don’t mind.

A few weeks ago I bought a second-hand Olympus 40-150mm. It came low-priced and albeit not the tele zoom lens I want it is a great performer. It will do for the time being until I can afford better material.

I like to do macro photography so on eBay I purchased also a set of extension tubes. They came very cheap and don’t fit that well.

There is a little screw on the side where the lens is mounted. This screw drives a small pin that fits in the lens mount. With the screw the lens is released from the tube. Not a very failsafe system but it works.

I mounted the extension ring on my 40-150mm and made some shots. One can keep some distance from the subject and thus this is great for dragonflies and so on.

When I wanted to get the macro extension tube from the lens I noticed the release screw was gone. It wasn’t in my bag or on the ground. It probably got lost when I used the extension tubes a few days ago.

It was impossible the get the extension tube from the lens. Its mount is made from plastic so I did not want to use too much force.
Triple fuck!
I gave up and continued my walk.

Back home I tried everything I could think of. I inserted a small screwdriver in the tiny hole but that did not work. A similar looking screw didn’t do the job either.
I considered leaving it on and use the telephoto lens as a macro lens. Fuck, I didn’t like the idea. I needed the lens for landscape work.

Finally I got my drilling machine. I hadn’t used the thing for ages. In fact I am not very handy.


I found a small drilling bit for metal and started boring in the hole where the missing screw went.
I went slowly as I did not want to break the lens in any way.

The small drilling bit didn’t do a good job so I switched to a bigger one. The aluminum got hot and I feared some chips would damage the lens. Finally the locking mechanism broke, the metal pin released and I could get the extension tube from the lens.

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