About sons, brothers and whisky

Years ago, I was still married and all, I left my hairdresser with a clean-cut. I guess that is why one goes to the barber.
Approaching my car I noticed the front, the driver’s side, was slanting a little. Fuck, a flat tire.

It took me about half an hour to fix it. The underground was loose dirt and I was glad to find a flagstone so I could use my jacking equipment in all safety.

While I changed the tire the barber’s son, 6 or 7 then, watched me closely, asking a few questions why I was doing what I did. It was fun and I am not talking about changing the tire. Fuck that.

As far as I can remember that was the only time I ever kind of felt sorry I did not have a son. Trust me, I would have hated taking my kid to football or something likewise. I feel quite at ease surrounded by women. But chicks are what they are and sometimes a man needs a conversation with his son.

Except for my two daughters and an estranged sister I have no family left. It does not bother me.

Well, at times I can become quite emotional when it comes to my father. He died 42 years ago but I still miss him.

Imagine a fairy would grant me 10′ with one of my departed family members I would not hesitate for a second. It would be without a shadow of a doubt my father.

Yes I know, the man is covered with 42 years of good patina. Bad memories are faded into oblivion and only the positive stuff remains.
There is of course more to it. He missed so much and I needed him at my side so many times. Boy do I wish I could hear his approval when it comes to Princess.
Hell, he loved my mother in such an intense way she stayed alone for the rest of her life. She was not abled to betray their love with another man. Isn’t that beautiful?

Although there world vision is very different of mine I like Princess’ parents. She has a few sisters and I like them too.

I particularly like Princess’ brother and I like to think we have a connection.
Tomorrow is his anniversary and we are of course invited.

Ar and Bo are not coming. University and high school second chance exams. Kay, Princess’ youngest dislikes me more than anything so she said no.

The Boy wanted to come but did not like the idea me driving the car, Princess sitting next to me, and he relegated to the back seat. The Boy would have considered tagging along if Princess drove her/my (?) car and I was seated behind.
That my friend is not going to happen.

I find it sad to see how after 3 years Princess’ kids still dislike me so much. I am at a point I don’t care that much anymore though. But it still hurts.

Princess asked me to find a birthday present for her brother. It is not that easy though. It is about pleasuring someone. Not about a budget.

I like her brother very much but I don’t know him that well.
Last year we gave him a bottle of Laphroaig. It was Quarter Cask peated single malt whisky and he loved it.

So I looked around and found a great present.

Belgium has two brewers who are courageous enough to venture in whisky making. Duvel, one of Belgium’s strongest beers has a young whisky but I don’t like it that much.

The brewery with the Golden Carolus  won the silver medallion on the 2014 International Wine and Spirit competition with their Golden Carolus Single Malt whisky.

So Princess and I bought a presentation box with a few beers and a bottle of single malt whisky.

Stella who is of course coming with us has a bottle of Shiraz as a present.

Gouden Carolus

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