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Every time when I visited the French Opal Coast I restricted myself to the coastal road (D940) from Calais to Boulogne-sur-Mer and back. There was enough to see, to explore and to photograph.

On only one occasion I went further down the coast and ended at Hardelot Plage. I parked my car on a remote road near the beach. There were other cars parked and most of them had a trailer wagon attached.

The beach was almost deserted. It was low tide. No breakwaters. It was a bright and sunny august day. I noticed a few bunkers, remainders of the Atlantic Wall. Some of them half sunken away in de loose sand. Far away I saw some sand yachts zooming over the beach.

I set up my tripod near one of the bunkers, my Nikon mounted with a 10mm wide-angle and a slow shutter speed dialed in. Not as slow as I would have liked but back then I did not own neutral density filters yet.
I made an image and then noticed a sand yacht approaching.

Patiently I waited until he was where I wanted him and pushed the shutter button. Due to the slow shutter speed the sand yacht is slightly blurred giving it the impression of speed. I could only make one shot as the guy driving the sand yacht called it a day.

I packed my gear and walked leisurely back to my car.
I pushed my car key in the keyhole and felt how it did not go in all the way.

I then noticed somebody had tried to force the lock albeit there was nothing of value visible. They hadn’t succeeded though. I looked around and noticed some of the cars had been broken open.

For a long time after I had to unlock the passenger’s door so I could open the door at the driver’s side.
At that time I was paying my divorce lawyer and did not have enough money for repairing such a trivial thing.

On the beach

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  1. Love these wide angle primes. I was intrigued by the term sand yacht and the contrast between an old bunker and a new past time is poignant.

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