REBLOG – Do You Really Need To Train Your Submissive ?

My friend Vile wrote an inspiring post and it is a little different from his other posts.

I totally agree with Vile when it comes to my own D/s relationship with Princess. There was no training involved and the D/s dynamics installed itself in a very natural way. At that time we already enjoyed at its fullest the pleasures of BDSM. Princess and I knew what we needed out of a relation and gradually the D/s grew. Yet I can imagine that newbies to D/s or very young people will find it more difficult to establish this kind of relational dynamics without training or whatever one wants to call it.

Do You Really Need To Train Your Submissive ?

The truth is , no you do not. I know this sounds weird coming from me, but in a real perfect world no training is really required.

Many of you who are in active relationships have really had no type of formal training. Having no training can be okay and find if you are in the right hands.

Now you ask me how is having no training possible and being in a D’s relationship even possible ? How can a D’s relationship work with no training at all?

To train someone is to change someone into something the Dominant wants or needs. Training can be mild to extreme. Training can be very loving, or it can be very hard and strict. That would mainly depend on the Dominant or Master.

If you are truly a Submissive and you have the need to serve, in the right hands no formal training is really required.

Here is my thoughts and my reasoning. You have a lion who gives birth to a cub, once the cub is old enough to learn how to hunt it already has the basic instincts. What the cub now needs it for the lion to teach it how to use the skills it has already.

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