Thoughts – August 9th, 2014

Little A. is staying with me and that is fun.

Well, most of the time that is.
She is very disorganized and I have to say a zillion times a day please clean up behind you.
Not that it helps though. On one given day she uses at least 5 to 6 drinking glasses. She is way too lazy to go back from to kitchen to her room to get her glass. It is much easier to take a new one.

Little A. is aware of her laziness though and that should be a good thing I guess.

Dish-washing is a no-go zone too.
It is hard to get her out of the house to do something else than lying in the sofa and watching the telly or sitcoms.

Today we went shopping and early this morning we took the train to Antwerp.

Antwerp-Central. Train station.
Antwerp-Central. Train station.

Where else could we start our day than at Starbucks?



I can’t stroll too much due to low back problems so the biggest part of the day I sat on benches waiting for Little A. while she hopped from one shop to another.

We had fun though and I bought her the skirt she desperately wanted. The main thing is that I made her happy.
I showed Little A. a few interesting places. Antwerp has a very rich history.

Medieval houses.
     Medieval houses.
Carolus Borromeus Church.
Carolus Borromeus Church.

Woodwork. Carolus Borromeus Church.

It is Saturday so later on I’ll be spending the evening and night with Princess.
Obviously we haven’t been playing because of Little A.
Yet I have the distinct feeling we are not evolving anymore. Not in BDSM play or in D/s for that matter. When I bring up the latter I have the impression Princess does not want to discuss it any further. This is a shame and I have no clue why she is taking distance from the subject. Only a few weeks ago Princess was very positive about what D/s brought to our relation and how she found how benefitting it felt.
I find it a little unsettling albeit I know it is only my perception of things and maybe I’m just mistaken or reading the sings wrongly.

I’ve been finding more pleasure in photographing these past few weeks too. I even went out late in the evening to make some long exposure shots.
The photography bug has bitten me again and I am happy it did. Taking and making images has always been a way to soothe myself.

Woodwork. Carolus Borromeus Church.
Woodwork. Carolus Borromeus Church.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts – August 9th, 2014”

  1. Lovely pictures Sir Franko.
    One of the beautiful things about a D/s relationship is the deep trust and communication. If you feel Princess is taking distance, then something is bothering her and you need to help her find her voice in sharing her worries. But I hope it’s nothing at all and you are worried about nothing…. Sometimes our D/s just doesn’t move forward it just stagnates, till either Sir or I try and jump start it! Sending our best wishes Sir.
    Hugs, Mynx

    1. Thank you for offering me another view on what I feel and wrote about. We talked about it already, last night and I see things more clear now and of course I will write about it.

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