Thoughts – July 11th, 2014

Princess came by yesterday evening like she does every Thursday. It is one of our 3 evenings a week we are able to spend together.

I told her about the reservations I made for our second holiday together. We’ll be leaving on Monday, September 15th and return on Friday 19th and we are sojourn in the little town of Monschau, Germany. It will be out third stay in the excellent and very cosy Venngasthof Zur Buche and it is situated just outside Monschau and near the Eifel National Park.
Saturday evening September 20th we’ll be having dinner in the Japanese restaurant Shokudo and celebrate our third anniversary.

We took a long bath, Princess and I and we enjoyed being together. Since she came back from her holiday past Monday night is was our first moment of real Q-time.

Then we went to bed and made love. Princess told me she desired a good whipping. I pulled her back out of bed and positioned her some 3 feet from of one of our bedroom walls. Princess had to hold her hands against the cold stone wall and I pushed her legs a little apart. Then I warmed Princess up with a soft flogger before switching to the rubber whip and topped it off with a few hard blows with the leather one.

Princess almost came and I finished it on the bed, biting her nipples and going down on her, licking, grazing and finally biting in her clit.
Like always Princess climaxed abundantly and after changing the bed linen we fell asleep.

Princess has a free day but I have to go to work.
So it was hard leaving Princess, still sound asleep, in our bed, early this morning.
And like the other day I felt extremely blue and it was only later this morning I finally understood where this sadness is coming from.

It is about Princess having that accident that could have ended far worse than it did. I am aware I could have lost Princess.
The idea makes me feel extremely anxious.
I am sure it will wear off but for now, yes, I feel very unsettled.

Princess is my life.
I unconditionally love Princess with my heart and my soul.
Princess is everything to me.
I wish I could spend more time with her. I wish we could live together and wake up together every day until the last one.

One day, I’m sure, Princess will say “yes” and it will be the happiest day of my life.
No, in fact every moment with Princess makes my day the happiest of my life.
I simply am a very lucky and happy man.

I love you, Princess.
Thank you for sharing this life with me.

Etretat 2

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    1. Thank you, wish you a great weekend too.
      Yes if was wonderful spending time together again. We have been missing that very much. It is so great Princess is back.

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