Princess on Holiday – Just another day #ASMSG

We video chatted yesterday evening and it was fun seeing Princess and listening to her voice. Around midnight Princess received a strange text message from Stella. It was clearly written with much anger but Princess did not have a clue what it was about. A little worried Princess asked me if I would phone Stella during the day.
“Sure”, I told her.

I slept well and she did too she told me this morning during our short daily exchange of text messages.
Princess and her kids have decided to visit Perpignan and afterwards fun on the beach of Mediterranean Sea.

I kind of decided to go to work.

After work I phoned Stella and she was very nervous and uptight. It took a while before she opened up to me and told me what it was all about. We talked for almost half an hour.
I hope I was able to calm her down.

At 17:30 I picked up Big A. and we walked to a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed salad and fries. Big A. told me about her trip to Bergamo near Milan, Italy. For two months she’ll work as an au pair for a single mom and her boy aged 3,5. Big A. told me about her fears, her plans and seemed very happy.

I am really proud of my first-born.
She will be leaving Saturday for Brussels for a day with her mom, Little A. and their grandmother. Early Sunday morning Ex is driving Big A. to Charleroi Airport.

Dinner was okay and we got free dessert, courtesy of a small caterpillar in Big A.’s salad.

We had a great time and talked about a zillion things. It was fun sitting outside and enjoying a well-doing sun.
Much to soon we had to go though and I accompanied Big A. back home.

We hugged and said goodbye and I felt very emotional, a mixture of sadness and proudness.
Hell, I’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes these past few days.

Big A. promised she would write or Skype and we hugged a last time and that was it.

I am at home now, writing this post.
It is half past eight in the evening and I cannot wait to talk to Princess.

I hope she had a grand day.

Tree nights to go and then Princess will be back where she belongs.

Into my arms, Princess, please come quickly.
I so miss you so much, Princess.



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    1. Thank you very much and I can’t wait for it to be midnight Sunday but I guess she’ll be back around 01:00 or so.
      Have a great weekend too my friend.

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