The other day Princess and I took a walk to our local shopping street. We were looking for nothing in particular when we stopped at one of the shop windows.

Princess saw them before I noticed them.
“Those look just great”, she said. I stared in the direction she was pointing in.
Then I saw them too.

Indeed, Princess has a very good taste.
In fact I badly needed new ones.

I found the dark brown with the matching bits of blue a great combination.
They looked both elegant and tough.  And quite expensive too so I bet the will last forever.

“They will look great with your black jeans too”, Princess said, “and you can wear them when we go to The Dungeon”.
Yeah I thought, that sounds great.

That was then and this is now.

After a quick visit to my hairdresser this morning I walked to that store. Being the only customer the sales girl gave me all her attention.
“No”, she said, “I don’t have your size but try one bigger.”
I did.
Fuck it, they look great and they feel all right.

I took a photo and told her it was for my blog.
“Where can I find your blog?” the chick asked.
“Sorry baby, no can do. Invitation only.”

She smiled, eagerly waiting for that invitation. I could feel it and read it in her eyes.

“You accept VISA?” I asked instead.
“Err… no”, she stuttered as if she had just snapped out of a dream.
“Okay baby, then I’ll pay cash. Alrighty?”
“Off course”, she replied.

So I gave her the money and left the store with a pair of awesome and slick-looking Bullboxer shoes.
Clean haircut and new shoes… wow.

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