Poppy Seed Buds #Thursday’s Photograph #art #photography

I’ve had them lying around since past autumn, these poppy seed buds. They are a part of my collection. I like to gather dried stuff for photography purposes.

An idea had emerged on how to use these stems. Unfortunately the few poppies growing near my apartment vanished. These past few days have been rainy and very windy.

I remember walking with my mom and grandmother across the fields. It was early summer and I must have been six or seven. Nature’s colors were astonishing. Lots of green with red, blue, yellow and white speckles everywhere. The world surrounding me, still and warm, domed with deep blue.
Drawn to the red of the poppies I handpicked a few.
My mom and grandmother at some distance now, walking and talking leisurely.
I ran towards them with two or three poppies in my hand.
“Mom, mom, look’, I shouted, happy I could give her these beautiful flowers.
She turned towards me and I, breathless, offered her the poppies.
It was then when I noticed I had only a few stems in my hand. Running had torn the fragile petals away.
I will never forget the gentle and comforting smile on my mother’s face while the first tears of disappointment appeared in my eyes.

I needed a bright red one to add to the composition. It is not going to happen today so instead I created another image with the seed buds. I hope I’ll be able to make the photograph I have pictured in my head in the next few days.
That one is intended as a gift for Princess.


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