Back from the Opal Coast #ASMSG #EroticRomance

Princess and I enjoyed our weekend at the French Opal Coast very much.

When entering Calais on Saturday morning we were confronted with the cruel reality of (illegal) migration. Near the ferry ports, on an abandoned industry site, we saw several dozen of cardboard boxes covered with grey plastic waste bags. A handful of igloo tents too, property of the more fortunate or seasoned refugees. Amongst these shelters hopeless people were wandering around like zombies.

This is the cruel reality of border regime. These people are desperately looking for ways to cross the 45 kilometres between the European mainland and Dover in Great-Britain.
There are two main camps in Calais known as the Syria Camp and Eritrea Camp. Despite the names these camps houses many different communities.


It seems numbers in Calais are at the biggest for a long time, there are reports that around 500 people are now present. There are also many unaccompanied minors coming through Calais at the moment and staying in the camps. A lot of pressure is being put on the scarce resources available to those in Calais. There are not enough showers, pallet and wood sources, food, clothes or sleeping stuff to go around.

Rumours go that these camps will be evicted by police at the end of this month.

It made us think about luck and fate, poverty, war and economic migrants and so. This refuge camp stayed on our minds for the remainder of the weekend and fuelled a few intense discussions between Princess and me.

The weather was great with a mild 20° on Saturday and a wind still 24° on Sunday.

We drove along the coastline from Calais to Wimereux and back to Calais stopping at several locations for walking.

In the evening we drove back to Wimereux and enjoyed delicious pizzas at Bar Pirate, an excellent and well know restaurant.
On the road back to Calais we stopped at Cap Griz Nez for a walk while the day came to its end, they sky darkening and the sea red as blood while the last rays of the sun lit Princess’ beautiful eyes.


We called it a day and returned to our hotel room where we showered away the fatigue and we made intense love. No whipping, pinching, collar or biting but soft vanilla and very enjoyable sex. We were simply too tired for anything else.

The next morning, after once again enjoyable vanilla sex, we took our time for breakfast and then left for Cap Blanc Nez. After some 20’ of steep walking we arrived at its top. Cap Blanc Nez is, for me, a mystical place and it feels grand to be there.

Afterwards we drove to Wissant where we enjoyed, at La Terrasse, a delicious goat cheese salad and chilled drinks.

We finished our afternoon on the beach of Audresselles and started the trip back home at 17:00.
I dropped Princess off at her home around 20:40, we had lost one hour and a half due to a traffic jam.

It had been a memorable, magical and intense weekend with sun, sea and sex and delicious food. We talked a lot about our future, our hopes and dreams too.
I have never been so close with someone else as with Princess and experience the intensity of our live a revelation.

Thank you Princess for sharing all this with me.
You make me very happy and complete as a person.

Cap Blanc Nez

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  1. Glad the two of you had such a good trip.
    The issue of illegal immigration is on faced by many countries, sadly though there seems to be no easy answer.

    1. Our trip was marvelous indeed.
      I do not think there is a suitable answer to the problem. There are so much factors playing… war, greed, desperation and so on.

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