Preparing for the weekend

I’m preparing my kit bag.
Clean socks, a few T-shirts, a couple of undies, pants, shoes to name a few.
One of my camera’s of course.
I’ve chosen for the Olympus E-PM1 and a few lenses. They are razor-sharp and small enough to not be a hindrance.

Chargers for our phones and iPad too of course as we want to stay connected to the world.
Yeah, sure, dream on.
It will be just Princess and I.

A bottle of Shiraz and two glasses, a few small bottles of water are packed in another, smaller bag.
Oh, let us not forget the rubber whip, rope, wheel of pain and the mattress protector. We will try to make some BDSM-photographs outside if we can.
Princess’ collar is packed too as she stressed me on several occasions not to forget it.

Tomorrow morning, very early, I’ll make some sandwiches and coffee.

Then I’ll pick up Princess at her home if her kids do not want her to come over to my place this evening.

The weather is going to be fine and I am sure we will enjoy this weekend, Princess and I.
Yeah, packed some sunblock too. Fuck, almost forgot, it is important as she has a light skin.

From where we live to Calais where we will be staying is 250 km, a 2:30 hour drive if all goes well. Probably we’ll go as far as Boulogne-sur-Mer and then back to Calais following the D940, a beautiful coastal road, through Wimereux, Wisant and of course Cap Blanc Nez.
Ah, Blanc Nez… the place where one day, in a not so far future I hope, I’ll fall on my knee and pop the question.

Opal Coast

Maybe we’ll drive to Saint-Omer on Sunday to visit La Coupole a V2 launching base that once threatened London. It depends on the weather.

Oh boy, we have been so looking forward to this weekend.
It will be just Us, Princess and I.

Digue Carnot, Boulogne-sur-Mer and a World War 2 relic
Digue Carnot, Boulogne-sur-Mer and a World War 2 relic

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