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In a few months my car will be 5 years old and paid for. I hope I can drive it for at least another year.

The model is a Partner Tepee and if I’m not mistaken my 6th Peugeot. 50 years ago my father drove Simca, also a French brand. He bought his cars in the same garage.

Until recently it was a father to son company. The guy who sold cars to my father had a son who sold cars to me. He on the other hand has no son and his daughter is not interested so the garage is sold.
My father gave his cars common names.
I do not.

Over the past 5 years my car got a wash twice.
About 4 years ago I gave a neighborhood kid a few Euro’s to wash my car.

The second time was past Saturday. I went to the car wash before driving to Princess Parent’s golden jubilee.
It seemed like a nice thing to do, showing up in a clean car.

Car Wash

5 thoughts on “Car Wash #ASMSG #photography #Thursday’s Photograph”

  1. Haha – I drive a French car, too. They’re a bit temperamental and like to bleep a lot – but I don’t mind a bit of character 😉 I clean mine about as often as you do, btw. ~grin~

    1. The little hearts and love you’s Little A. had written in the dirt on the back of my car were washed away too 🙁
      I still have them on photo though 🙂

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