More about Thursday’s Photograph #ASMSG #photography #selfpublishing

Recently I bought a neat little app called Creative Book Builder (CBB) for my iPad Air and it turned out to be a 3.99$ well spent.
CBB builds epub (and PDF) books and does this very well.

I have no intention to write a review but for those who are curious I’m adding a few links.

Writing and publishing with Creative Book Builder
Creative Book Builder App

The author, Tiger Ng, has a blog too where one can find help and other information. There is also an Android version of CBB.

Until now I’ve used Creative Book Builder mainly for creating epub’s for private usage, filled with erotic stories I copy from the Internet. It is so much easier to read them on a tablet, leisurely on the couch.

When one of my dear friends did his 100 Photographs Project a few years ago he also created 4 PDF-books and published them on ISSUU if I’m not mistaken so people could download them for free. He recently told me they had been downloaded 970 times. Wow.

Last week I started my own little photography project on this blog called Thursday’s Photograph.
So, why not create an eBook with the photographs and the accompanying text? But at what rate? One for each month? Three months?
Of course I would make them available for free.

What is your opinion, dear Reader?

Screenshot CBB

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    1. 🙂 there is an Android version too. I previously owned a Google Nexus and I was very happy with it. Unfortunately gravity killed the Nexus. Now I’ve a 16 Gb. Air but I would have preferred a 32 Gb. version.

  1. Alas, we are tablet deprived here, although we all have iPhones. I am intrigued by the Photography project. I have just picked up my camera again after 2 years.

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