About Photography Revisited

There was a time, not that far in the past, when I wandered the beaches of the Opal Coast in France. I was alone. I was a man desperately yearning for a companion, for romanticism. For love.
The loneliness that filled my heart fuelled me and inspired my landscape photographs of the mostly abandoned shores and landmarks like Cap Blanc Nez.

When Princess came into my life everything I had ever wished for in a relation became a wonderful and heart-warming reality. And with it the source my inspiration had been drinking from dried out. Princess motivated me in writing more though and I am still very grateful she did.

My last solo exposition in June 2012 was in every way a farewell to my landscape photography.
To be honest afterwards I hardly touched my cameras.  I felt there was nothing for me to tell. I was aware I needed to reinvent myself as a photographer.

I’m still stuck somewhere in that process and I haven’t found a new approach yet.
Sure, I’ve been dabbling with erotic/BDSM photography but I’m not convinced it is something to pursue. Do I really have something to add to the genre?

Years ago a very close friend of mine started an on-line project using his photography website and a Facebook page. He called it the 100 Photographs Project and forced himself to post a photograph every 3th day.
Was it a success? I don’t know but the website got lots of hits and he finally found a new élan in his photography.

Past Saturday evening I took Princess for a walk to the nearby woods. We savoured the silence, the atmosphere of a world where a part was already going to sleep while another part was preparing for a night of hunting.

I held Princess close to me. We didn’t talk much, we know each other well enough to hold intense conversations without using words. Yes, we are really close, Princess and I.

For a while we stood still on the border of a small pond. Light was fading and except for a zillion crickets there was no sound at all. It felt as if time had halted and Princess and I, well, we were even closer. One soul, one heart so to speak.

I closed my eyes, breathing in and savouring this moment of pure magic and happiness. For a fraction of second I saw, in my mind’s eye, the Musée de l’ Orangerie in Paris and Claude Monet’s Water Lilies.

My Olympus E-PM1 equipped with the excellent and razor-sharp Olympus 45mm f1.8 clicked twice.

My image is of course a very watered down version of Claude Monet’s unforgettable paintings.

While processing the image yesterday evening my friend’s 100 Photographs Project crossed my mind.

So here it is.
From now on I will post a photograph on this blog every Thursday. It will be accompanied by a short description or story.
I will not limit myself concerning topics. My only criterion will be if I am proud of my creation.

Dears Readers and Friends, I give you my new project:  Thursday’s Photograph.

Water Lilies

9 thoughts on “About Photography Revisited”

    1. When Princess entered my life everything shifted in the good way and new paths revealed themselves. Writing this blog for example. Princess and I fuel and enrich each other in so many ways.

  1. Mr Bolli- as I absorb your photo, it makes me consider that the lilly pads, like your Princess, must make you float in pure weightless anticipation of your next encounter. I know this because it is the same with Mynx and I…

    Very well done Sir, I appreciate your work very much.

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    1. Sir, thank you so much for your heartwarming comment. I am so happy you both are experiencing what we are… it is indeed such an incredible and intense journey.

  2. This picture is so heartwrenchingly beautiful. I love the ethereal look of it. The words that accompany it make it feel that much more intimate. Thank you for sharing both your thoughts and your vision.

    1. Hello Peep, that is an excellent choice, the 1,4 is awesome and even more on a full frame for its shallow depth of field and the delicious and creamy sort of bokeh. I’ll do my very best for each Thursday Photograph.

  3. This is such a beautiful shot – and a gorgeous retelling of your process.

    As for your possible contribution to erotic/BDSM photography, I think there’s always space for a new perspective. Thankfully, we all bring a different view, history and eye.


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