Princess’s Collar

An article I recently read on my friend Vile’s excellent blog  ‘The Kinky World of Vile” about “The Collaring Process” inspired me to write this blog post.

Princess has a collar but for now she wears it only on specific occasions. Don’t forget that we don’t life together yet and there are (young) kids at her home and Little A. is often at my place too. We both consider our engagement rings as a far more powerful symbol of our commitment to one another.

I bought the collar some 5 months after Princess offered me the gift of her submission. Of course we talked about it before getting it and I told Princess what style of collar I had in mind. I did not want her to have a dime a dozen kind of collar but I am not handy enough to make one myself.

The collar and matching leach I finally picked out for Princess is handcrafted and made of very soft leather. I bought it in a nearby store specialized in high quality products for dogs and cats.

One evening I gave it to Princess. I had it gift wrapped in a beautiful wooden box, but we did not hold a ceremony.

Although Princess agreed being collared at first she did not like wearing it at all. It took a while before she understood the meaning, what it symbolized and I think I am in a way to blame for that. Maybe I should have done this in a different way. Maybe is anyway to late now.

That was then and we are now.

When we go to the Fetish Café Princess wears her collar with great pride. It makes her feel safe too knowing it indicates she is owned and nobody will annoy her in any way.

At home Princess wears the collar mostly when we play and afterwards Princess likes to keep in on while we travel through the night in each others arms.

On several occasions Princess told me it makes her feel a little sad when I take the collar away.

I would like it very much though if Princess would wear it more often when we are at home and not only when we play. Why I don’t know exactly. I guess it is the feeling, what it stands for. And it looks simply great on Princess.

For us both Princess’s collar is a wonderful symbol expressing the intensity of our relationship and how very special it is.

Princess' Collar

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  1. For those of us who are married, and have been for some time, our commitment to each other as man and wife is not in question, in the vanilla world, our rings symbolize that, and we cherish them. I love the diamond that Sir placed on my left hand, and I look at it and touch it often. The gift of submission, and acceptance by the Dominant is an agreement to enter and maintain a very intense power exchange. The collar is an outward symbol of this intensity and commitment to the power exchange. To those in the lifestyle it should mean that the submissive is off limits, to the submissive, it is a symbol of security, that the submissive, and the gift they give is valued and cherished.
    Great Post and once again, congratulations to you and Princess.

    1. Peep, thank you for your reaction. Yesterday evening Princess asked me for her collar. She felt bad and saw the collar as a something that brings comfort too. Wearing her collar makes her so vulnerable she knows I will take care, protect and sooth her. Her request touched me beyond words. Sometimes we are not aware of the strength of a symbol or its impact.

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