Spanking Princess

Night is falling.
The sky is deep dark blue with a few stars already visible. I am standing on my terrace and enjoying a finger of peated single malt whisky. After adding just a few drops of water the gold coloured Laphroaig explodes in my mouth filling it with a zillion amazing flavours.
It is warm and windless outside and except for some barely audible chatter in the street very still. Above me a two bats are dancing a difficult to follow ballet.
I’m impatiently waiting for Princess to arrive. She sounded a little turned up on the phone when we briefly spoke less than an hour ago.

Headlights appear beneath me when a car slowly turns on the in darkness shrouded parking three stories beneath me.
A door is slammed shut and I vaguely hear high heels on the pavement walking to the front door of the building I live in. Moments later high heels on the staircase become louder and louder. The door opens, keys are thrown on the radiator.
I enter the living room and put my glass on the table.

“Hi, I’m so happy to see you”, Princess smiles.
We kiss for what seems a lifetime.
“Mmmm”, she whispers, “delicious.”
I’m not sure if she is talking about the kiss or the whisky she obviously tasted in my mouth.

“What a hectic day it was”, Princess sighs, “and I am so relieved to be here with you.”
Then she hesitates but I’ve already read in her beautiful eyes what she wants, needs.
Craves for.
It is strange Princess still feels uneasiness when it comes to asking me for a therapeutic spanking.

“Do you need a good spanking?” I help her out.
Princess giggles.
“Okay then”, I smile and I feel my cock harden by the mere thought of what is about to happen.
I grab Princes by the hair and gently pulling I lead her to the backside of the couch and force her to lean on her forearms so her ass sticks our.
“Are you comfy, girl?” I snap.
“Yes Milord.”
My hands slide up over her naked legs and slowly I push her skirt over her hips, then pulling down Princess’ underpants halfway her thighs.
“Spread them” , I order while kicking against her ankles.
Princess obliges and waits.

Leisurely I walk to our bedroom where my whips and other tools hang against the wall.
I’m not sure what to use.
Not the riding crop. Its bites sting too much and that sensation is not what Princess needs now.
For the same reason I disregard caning. The wooden spatulas are impersonal for this occasion.
I decide using my hand, grab a soft flogger and walk back to where Princess is waiting patiently.

After caressing her soft behind I start warming Princess up with the flogger.
She makes soft, meowing sounds.
“Listen up, girl. For this time only you are not allowed the use of your  safe word. Do you understand?”
“Yes Milord.”
Two more moves with the flogger then I’m done and throw it on the sofa within her sight so Princess is aware of what is following.
“This time I want you to beg for mercy. Do you understand?”
“Yes Milord”. Her answer is barely audible.

“Oooh….” she sighs when the palm of my hand lands on her backside.
Then another smack and again and again.

I  am aware that Princess moans and screams, mixed with the sharp smacking noise my hands make on her  buttocks, are carried through the open window to the outside world.
I don’t give a fuck.

I increase speed and impact and Princess’s beautiful butt turns crimson red.
It is maddening to see how her pussy reacts to the spanking. Its swollen lips are opened  invitingly and her juices dripping on the floor. Princess is very near to relief and I’m convinced it will be a very intense one.
It never ceases to amaze me how my love is able to climax by spanking her.

Princess’s legs tremble and her skin covers with goose bumps while her moaning becomes deeper.
A final smack, Princess calls out and drops on her knees, shaking and meowing and holding out her arms for me.
I kneel next to her and hold her shivering body while she kisses me and mumbles words I cannot understand.
It takes quite some time for her to calm down.

I lead her to the sofa where she curls up in my arms.

“I love you so much Milord”, she whispers. “And I didn’t beg for mercy, did I?”
“You are a good girl”, I tell her, giving her the tiniest of kisses on the tip of her nose.

Princess’s beautiful face becomes fuzzy as my eyes fill with tears of sheer happiness.


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