Princess + Tablet = Asus HD 7

Princess has a very tight agenda. Work of course, but also driving around for her kids, shopping for groceries, cooking, washing et al. When Princess has some spare time she tries to write something but her iPhone 3Gs with cracked screen is of almost no use. It also happens she is waiting somewhere for a kid to show up and then there is time to read. Alas, Princess never has a book with her.
Princess uses one paper agenda for both work and private items and I have no intention to change that in the near future. It took me at least a year and a half before I jumped into the world of electronic agenda’s.  And only after being reassured everything properly synchronized between my devices. Princess and I are trying to keep a common electronic agenda though and that isn’t that evident either.
At her place surfing is not evident either. Her kids intensively use all available computer resources. And let’s be honest, a small Smartphone screen is not ideal for surfing.

I have an iMac 27” at home and I use it for surfing, watching movies, writing and as my digital darkroom.
Most of my other computer activities as well as reading are done on my iPod Air. When I’m reading on my terrace I prefer my 6” eBook reader I bought in Germany.
I rarely go anywhere without my iPad because it is my electronic agenda too. When I need WiFi in a remote location I use my Smartphone, an Asus S500, my iPhone 4s unexpectedly died yesterday, and start a 3G connection and use the phone as a hotspot.

Princess is an absolute beginner when it comes to electronics like laptops, notebooks, tablets and so forth. Luckily she has me for all this.
I replaced her vintage Nokia with my iPhone 3Gs when I moved to a more advanced Smartphone and it took her some time to get used to this new way of working with information. My love was awed when she saw how I use my iPad Air. For example the other day I made portraits from Star and Stella, hooked my Nikon D300 to the iPad and transferred the photographs, created a slide show (Portfolio) and afterwards I did some basic retouching on one of the images (Snapseed and Photogene) just to show off.

The past few days I spend time thinking and reading and watching reviews on the Internet. My Nexus 7 (1st Gen) has a broken screen and repairing it is not a financially sound idea. An iPad (Mini) at the moment would clearly be overkill for both Princess and my wallet.

Bottom line?
The search for a 7″ budget friendly tablet with the specs of a Nexus 7 (1st Gen) and a very good display led me to the Asus HD7.

I do not need a reason to give Princess a gift as pleasuring the love of my life makes me so very happy.

Yes Princess, there is a tablet with your name written on it waiting for you at my/our place.

Just one question Love of my life… do you want me to preconfigure it or do you want to have fun and do it together?

Asus MEMO Pad HD 7

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