Photo shoot #ASMSG #feb

“You’ll give me a wake-up call at 06:00 then?” Stella asked.
“No”, I told her, “it will be 06:05 by then.”
“Omg, why those 5 minutes extra?” she chuckled.
“Just because,” I smiled, feeling the weight of my bag with 3 studio flashes pulling my shoulder down.
“Okay then, 06:05. Don’t forget though.”
“I won’t”, I promised Stella.
“Mom, call me at 06:30, will you?”
Princess nodded and I wished Stella good night and off we were, Princess and I, home for some delicious kinky sex and a good night’s sleep.

We had arrived 2 hours earlier at Stella’s place.
Little Star shouted with joy when she saw me and observed me with those big eyes of hers while I set up my material. Two Jinbei studio flashes, one equipped with a softbox, the other with a translucent white umbrella and, on the floor and slightly tilted, a huge reflection screen.
My birthday present to Princess’ daughter this year was a photo shoot and although it was already late and Star was getting hungry we managed to make some 120 photographs during a 45’ session.
Both were adorable, smiling and chuckling and enjoying themselves.

Then I hooked my Nikon to my iPad and transferred the images, offering Stella and Princess a sneak preview of what I had shot. Both girls where really swept away by the images and Stella couldn’t stop swiping back and forth between them.

The portable studio flash I own is used mostly for tabletop and macro photography and I do not have that much experience with portrait photography so I was a little nervous.
I am very happy with the result of this shoot. The images are well-lit, crisp and show only smiles and eyes filled with joy.

I felt happy having brought so much pleasure for Stella, she is really something!

Yet for me the evening was a little overshadowed by The Boy.
A few days ago Princess asked me to scan a photograph of her grand parents, Bo wanted a print, because there was something wrong with her scanner.
When I picked up Princess at her place I gave the image back and that was enough to make The Boy go mad. He started texting his mother when we left and at Stella’s place Princess had no other choice than to phone him. She stayed away for almost 20’ and when she came back I could see the conversation hadn’t been very polite. Quickly Princess explained he was mad I had made the scan, he felt attacked on his terrain because he had promised his sis to make the scan. She received some more text messages from The Boy and even at 23:30, we were almost asleep, he texted once more to complain and express his frustrations.

The kid blew up something insignificant far out of proportion and by doing so he lost the last remains of respect I have for him. Hell, he’s 16 and behaves like a frightened and insecure preschooler and shows no respect for his mother. Get a life, I only scanned an image for your mother for crying out loud. It is not that I am moving in or so.

Sure, I understand The Boy and his sister’s issues processing their father passing away 3 years ago but their behavior towards me and our relation has moved beyond my comprehension.

It is the only topic Princess and I have, occasionally, a fight about.

Princess and I ended the day with tasty rough sex and at one moment I squeezed her nipple so hard it made her cum almost instantly.
Hell, I love kinky rough sex with Princess.

This morning I phone Stella at 06:06 thus waking her up.
Wished her a good morning and hung up.

Fifteen minutes later I kissed Princess goodbye and left for work.

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  1. You and Princess seem to have built a marvelous relationship together. My wish for you both is that you keep the lines of communication open between you and are able to discuss each others feelings. You both already seem to do that and I wish you both the best.

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