On writing

I don’t think of myself as a writer, I’m just a guy who writes a blog.
Yet when I was much younger it was a dream of mine to become one. While boys of my age where thinking about being a footballer or a soldier I wanted to be a writer.

One memory springs to mind.
I must have been 17 or so and I was writing a lot. Mainly short stories. One day my mother and I went on a day trip organized by our local regional geography and history club.
We visited a small village near Brussels called Strijtem, at that time still very rural. I immediately felt at home on this tiny isle with only a handful of simple houses surrounded by green meadows and freshly plowed dark brown farmland.
“I wouldn’t mind living here one day,” I told my mum.
“What could you possibly find interesting in this place?” she asked.
“It would be a home for me to write,” I replied, flabbergasting her.

That was then and now is the present.
Strijtem has become a place for the rich, as it is situated near our capital and the national airport of Zaventem, offering easy access to both. The village does not suffer from annoying flight routes with the corresponding noise of planes landing or taking off. There are no traffic jams either as few can afford living in Strijtem and its surroundings.

In the eighties of the previous century I wrote a lot and courageously posted them, by mail, to literary magazines. Don’t forget, it was a time when the Internet, self-publishing and social media had yet to be conceived. Hell, Mark Zuckerberg was still sucking his mother’s breasts and shitting and peeing in his diapers.

I got rejected a zillion times but continued writing. The chick with whom I was living at that time was my soundboard. Later on I discovered she was fucking two of my best friends too. Yes, she was indeed inspiring.

Then I received the letter every aspiring writer dreams of and a few months later my first short was published in a literary magazine called Deus Ex Machina.
Getting paid a few bucks was even a bigger thrill and we, the chick and I, spent it in a restaurant.

Later on we broke up, I’m not that fond of sharing.

When I was married to my future ex-wife a good friend of mine inspired me too and I wrote 4 novels and numerous short stories just for the hell of it. It were erotic detectives where I am the boss and he’s my sidekick and we fuck our brains out with numerous women. Maybe it was a remedy against my already failing marriage, writing as a therapy as it were.

Then I got a kid and 6 years later another one and I was supposed to be a father whose only existence is work to provide. The mother of my two daughters killed every single scream and dream for creativity I had. Parents exist and live solely for their kids was her motto. It wasn’t my motto though.

After getting divorced photography became my main way of processing my feelings, worries and fears and writing was pushed into the background.

With the end of 2007 in sight I subscribed to a dating site and, at the same time, started a blog. The approach was writing a diary about my quest for a new girlfriend.
It was a very personal journal, written in Dutch, my mother language and with lots of visitors and followers. Numbers increased, a perverse side effect, when I wrote about how one handles a relation when the other half suffers from cancer.
The blog ended with the relation 2 years later.

Photography once again became main way of expression until I met Princess and my life changed and so many good things came my way.

Gradually I started writing again. Short stories and poems, only for Princess’ eyes.
When we grew closer and gradually shifted to a D/s lifestyle my love encouraged me to write again thus resulting in this blog where I combine my writing with a renewing passion for photography.

I know this may sound a little arrogant but I am a very lettered man and a wizard with words, something I combine with a huge vocabulary. When I’m working or talking in my native language that is.
Yes, my mom was English and I learned the basics when I was a kid and youngster. But it does not come close to how I dance with the Dutch language.
So having started this blog in English is the only thing I do regret once in a blue moon. It is sometimes very limiting yet enriching at the same time.

I have a few concrete ideas for erotic short stories but writing on that level is still very challenging.
The category “Short Stories” on this blog contains only 1 entry, a non-erotic short story. We’ll see.

Anyway I am so very grateful, Princess, how you continue to inspire and motivate me.
Thank you my Love for you have already given me so much!



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  1. Well, you definitely have a fan of your writing in Seattle! I’ve really enjoyed reading your journey with Princess. It’s so inspiring to hear that after years of being with the wrong women that you finally found your angel. I look forward to continue reading about your beautiful journey.

    1. Princess and I have a long road in front of us waiting to be walked on… It is great sharing our happiness and at the same inspire. There is always hope, there is always sunshine even on the dullest of days.

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