Thoughts – February 5, 2014

I feel the urge to write but I have no idea what about. So I will let my fingers dance freely over the keyboard and we’ll see where this will lead me.

Today it is Wednesday and almost noon. Outside the sun is shining and the sky is pale blue with white, fuzzy stripes. Soft temperatures too, 8° C (46,4°F), making it difficult we are still in the heart of the winter.

I feel cold though and an indistinct sadness engulfs me while loneliness chills me further down. The music I’m listening to supplies my heart with sweet tasting melancholy.

Yes, this is what I need now.
The music notes carve and cut in my soul and liberate the drabness that seems to have found refuge deep in my core.

What I’m experiencing now is what a friend of mine describes as Dom drop and he wrote an interesting blog post about it. I guess outside the lifestyle one would call this reaction happening after an adrenaline rush differently but do check out the article.

A spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and wistfulness is momentarily fueling my writing so I’ll float further on these sentiments.

Princess has spent the past two nights at my place. Monday evening I started with a cathartic spanking and then Princess and I made rough and very intense love before falling asleep wrapped in bed linen dispersing the odor of primal sex.
The night was followed by a day at work and the promise of yet another evening and night with my love and future wife.

We played yesterday evening and it was so hot and even rougher than the previous evening and we felt so close to one another, Princess and I.

I tied her up and gave my love a good spanking, alternating with some whipping, while a small vibrator in her underpants did its work. It drove Princess almost mad and she came with multiple tidal waves until my love was soaking wet and trembling on her legs.

I held Princess in my arms, soothing her and covered her beautiful face with a zillion soft kisses while we drowned in each other’s eyes. For a moment it felt as if we had, unnoticed, melted together.

The love I feel for Princess is pleasantly excruciating and continuously sets my body and mind on fire.

Never before have I felt so close to someone as with my Princess. She makes me feel so very alive and incredibly happy.

Princess truly is the One for whom I have been waiting for all my life. It took me a 5 decade long road before I finally found my Holy Grail, my Princess.

Princess, even when we are not together you fill my heart with joy, desire, happiness and so much unconditional love.  You warm my soul and enrich every single molecule of my body with your positive stance.

You truly are my raison d’être and I am convinced that at birth we already were predestined for each other.

Thank you, Princes, my love and future wife, for being with me and traveling through life at my side.

A flower

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