Car troubles

Like every morning during the week, except Wednesdays, I left home at 06:05, stepped in my car and started the 45′ drive to work.
About 15 kilometers further I pulled over at a gas station and filled my car up with diesel.

Got in again and noticed how my windshield wipers were doing their job and the headlights were burning too. It was strange as I had the ignition key still in my hand.
I turned the ignition key but nothing happened. The start motor did not make a sound.
My car was dead except for the wipers and the lights and there was no way to shut them down.
I had no other option than pushing this heap of useless electronics, steel and whatever away from the fuel pumps to the nearby parking lot.
Fuck, what a way to start a new working week.

I phoned my insurer for help as I also pay for assistance.
We talked for about 10 minutes and just before hanging up I turned the ignition key once more with no hope at all.
My car started immediately.

I drove back home, didn’t risk to drive the 60 kilometers to my work, I wanted my car to be checked.

Little A. who is staying the week with me, was surprised to see me. I quickly explained my problem and she smiled as only my youngest can.
“Great pops, would you mind making my sandwiches for school?”
Of course I didn’t mind and smeared lots of butter and even more love on them.
In the garage they didn’t find what was wrong. It is possible that humidity and cold caused a temporary short-circuit in the car’s electronics.

At noon I fetched Princess from her work and we spend an hour at our place kissing and talking.
“Mmmm,” she told me, “I could fancy some spanking as I feel a little uptight.”

I answered her call turning her delicious buttocks crimson red and just now, during our daily evening phone call, she told me she enjoyed the feeling the whole afternoon.
“I love it when you spank me,” Princess said, while I drove her back to work, “but I am afraid to ask you. I don’t know why, it is an educational inheritance I guess.”
“You should never be afraid of asking me anything,” I soothed her, “au contraire, it would make me very happy if you did ask me for a good spanking.”
“I’ll do next time for sure,” Princess promised.
We kissed and then she was gone and I drove back home.
I waited for Little A. to come home from school.

I made this photograph with Princess as my lovely model more than a year ago and it was our first, and last, attempt in BDSM style photography. There is really nothing that I can add to the genre.
Now we have added rope bondage to our playing and that is something I really want to explore in images too.


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  1. I feel for you. My car seems to be in and out of the garage continuously this year and no-one can find the problem 🙁 Still, a day at home has got to be a good thing. Loved the photo btw!

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