Thoughts – January 19th, 2014

There is so much I want and need to write about. Musings mainly, experiences too of course.
Mainly I need to write about these incredible and very positive changes in my life. It is always in movement and when Princess and I overmastered a new horizon there is already another one looming.
I am now living the best part of my life. It is the only thing I’m sure about.

Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, I had a swell time with Little A. We went shopping, taking advantage of this sales period that is running towards its end with 50% – 70% off regular prices.

I spoiled my little one with T-shirts and other clothes and I bought myself three shirts. A black one of course, and a dark bordeaux one that fits me like a tight glove but I love the anthracite linen one I got for 50% of its regular price at Jack & Jones. Hell, I am going to be sharp dressed or not?

Later on I fetched Princess.
I rang the doorbell and counted till ten before opening the door.
“Come in”, she told me.
The Boy was sitting in the large L-shaped couch and mumbled something barely audible when I said ‘hi’.

“Take a seat”, Princess said.

Fuck, that was a new one and it was obvious she wanted us to move a small step forward without freaking him out.

I wasn’t allowed to make a mistake and with every move I had to act like a bull in a china shop. This was really a very fragile setup: The Boy, alone, against his mother and her lover, a-tug-of-war, all of us put trough our paces.

I choose for that part of the couch that was the farthest and has no backrest so I would not be tempted laying back and feel at home.

We talked about movies and hard disks, The Boy and I and he was not aware of the fact his mom left the room for a moment.
It was a huge leap for us both and I am so very grateful that even here we, Princess and I are, finally, making progress.

Back at home Little A. showed her new clothes as she finds Princess’ opinion important.
We saw a movie, 50 First Dates and after that we went to bed.

This morning I drove Princess back home. We picked up Stella and Star and then I parked my car on the driveway of Princess’ house.

The garbage bin was lying on the ground and its contents spread around.
Stella suddenly screamed “OMG, there is an animal in you garbage bin.”
Princess and I heard snorting sound and scratching and while she held Stella in her arms I approached the bin and carefully lifted the cover.
Hell, it was Flower, Princess’ pig who had managed to tip the bin over and looking for something eatable got trapped inside.

Once freed the pig made a lot different noises, some of them sounded like panic or stress.
I petted the animal but that didn’t help so Princess fetched some pig-candy and gave it to me so I could feed Flower.

Yes, it was an awesome morning and once again Princess and I where so close to one another.


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