Simply Love #ASMSG #jan

Yesterday evening Princess and I just sat in front of the 27” iMac, lazy and leisurely. We sipped and savoured the peated single malt whisky Princess got me as a new year’s present. For a while we talked about nothing special, simply enjoying being together, floating on this vast ocean of intense and unconditional love.

Then we watched an excellent movie, “Lost in Translation”, directed by Sofia Coppola. After that we briefly talked about the movie and went to bed.
Princess and I kissed and after that I turned the lights off. I held my love in my arms while we slowly sank away into deep sleep.

It was one of these rare occasions that we didn’t make love. What was hovering between us was so intense, so warm we had no need for anything else.

Yesterday evening was one of those intense evenings where we felt so close and, more important, complete. An evening shrouded with a powerful glowing golden veil, settling in our memories and filling our hearts with so much love and devotion and where words are futile.

This morning it struck me, a forceful lightning,  the past evening still lingering in my mind.
I have never ever loved someone as much as I do now.
I would never have imagined what real and pure love is until now.
With Princess.


9 thoughts on “Simply Love #ASMSG #jan”

    1. I like the lines of frost and the red spots of berries. It is just a simple shot, noticed this visual opportunity when I got out of my car after parking close to a very low cut sort of hedge.

  1. Your words are so beautiful and heartfelt. Long may you share your wonderful love with us all…

    (PS I adore your photograph – and Lost in Translation is one of my favourites.)

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